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TitleLinkAuthorTagsPublication date
25.6 Lab: Web cache poisoning via an unkeyed query parameter Nagarajpenetration-testing, cybersecurity, careers, bug-bounty, hacking26-May-2024
Embarking on the Bug Bounty Journey Lazy Techbug-bounty, technology, programming, cybersecurity, cyber26-May-2024
Kokurate journey in Cyber Security, blue-team, journey, cybersecurity, red-team26-May-2024
Network Penetration Testing: A Comprehensive Guide, networking, ai, cybersecurity, bug-bounty26-May-2024
Open Redirect via login page Khaterbug-bounty, open-redirect, cybersecurity26-May-2024
My Journey in Cyber Security, blue-team, journey, cybersecurity, red-team26-May-2024
### Uncovering a Critical Security Bug: Email Duplication in Password Reset Mechanism, password-reset, authentication26-May-2024
### Discovering an OTP Reuse Vulnerability: My First Bug Report, otp-verification, bug-bounty26-May-2024
HTTP Headers, http-protocol, http-headers, http-authentication26-May-2024
WordPress application vulnerable to DoS attack via wp-cron.php Khaterbug-bounty, dos-attack, cybersecurity26-May-2024
❇️ Web Hack Tool ❇️, github, tools, hacking, bug-bounty26-May-2024
Insecure Account Removal Khaterbug-bounty, cybersecurity26-May-2024
How I Got IDOR lead to PII In Login Page, hacker, idor-vulnerability, bugcrowd, bug-bounty26-May-2024
How I Found 2 IDORS on My Phone and Made $1,500, cyber, idor, bug-bounty-tips, hacking26-May-2024
Session invalidation after updating e-mail., session-invalidation, help26-May-2024
All About API Security Pentesting, owasp-api-security-top-10, bug-bounty, pentesting, api-security-testing26-May-2024
JNDI Injection — Attack Flow Kumarweb-penetration-testing, pentest, bug-bounty, java, jndi25-May-2024
CSRF Vulnerabilities: How to Exploit and Defend Against Attacks Kumar Modakpenetration-testing, burpsuite, csrf-attack, bug-bounty, web-app-pentesting25-May-2024
Outlook Hijacked: A Step-by-Step Recovery and Investigation Raobug-bounty, phishing, hacking, cybersecurity, microsoft25-May-2024
Unauthenticated IDOR in Employee Login Exposes PII to more than 100K Users, bug-bounty25-May-2024
How I Hacked India Today Subscription for 2 years Vysyarajucybersecurity, penetration-testing, ethical-hacking, hacking, bug-bounty25-May-2024
HOW HACKERS USE REVERSE ENGINEERING, hacking, reverse-engineering25-May-2024
HTB PDFy Challenge, htb, bug-bounty, challenge, htb-writeup25-May-2024
Uncovering the Hidden Vulnerability: How I Found an Authentication Bypass on Shopify’s Exchange… Mahajanbug-bounty, account-takeover, ato, authentication-bypass, bug-bounty-tips25-May-2024
Prototype Pollution: The Hidden Danger in JavaScript Kumar Prajapatihacking, bug-bounty, security, web, pentesting25-May-2024
Bypassing WAFs: The Art of Payload Obfuscation Eduardo Karpinskiweb3, bug-bounty, firewall, cybersecurity, hacking25-May-2024
JavaScript Prototype Pollution Attack: A Simplified Guide, penetration-testing, web, javascript, cybersecurity25-May-2024
How i got xss in unusual way, bug-bounty25-May-2024
HTB-PDFy, htb, bug-bounty, challenge, htb-writeup25-May-2024
Logic Bug | Forget password link not expiring after email change Khatercybersecurity, bug-bounty24-May-2024
How to Use ParamSpider Tool — For Bug Bounty, automation-tools, parameter, paramspider, bug-bounty24-May-2024
Analyzing JavaScript Files To Find Bugs Horbiohacking, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, programming, bug-bounty24-May-2024
Bypassing 403 Protection To Get Admin Access Horbiobug-bounty, 403-forbidden, bug-bounty-tips, hacking24-May-2024
Bug Bounty Tutorial : Login Bypass Technique Horbiobugs, penetration-testing, hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity24-May-2024
How to Earn Bug Bounty as a Professional Bug hunter Horbioearn-money-online, cybersecurity, ethical-hacking, bugs, bug-bounty24-May-2024
How to Find First Bug (For Beginners) Horbiopython, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking, programming24-May-2024
How to learn Hacking From 0 to Hero Horbiohacking, horbio, programming, bug-bounty, cybersecurity24-May-2024
How to extract Google Chrome Saved Password Horbioethical-hacking, hacking, bug-bounty, passwords, cyber24-May-2024
Referrer-based access control Bug Bounty Tips Horbiohacking, programming, hacker, cybersecurity, bug-bounty24-May-2024
Python Libraries for Hackers Horbiohacking, python-programming, python, bug-bounty, cybersecurity24-May-2024
Easy Bug | PHP info page disclosure Khatercybersecurity, bug-bounty24-May-2024
Logic Bug: Easy Privilege Escalation Khatercybersecurity, bug-bounty, privilege-escalation24-May-2024
Logic Bug: Easy Privilege Escalation Khaterbug-bounty, privilege-escalation, cybersecurity24-May-2024
Easy Bug | Email HTML Injection Khatercybersecurity, html-injection, bug-bounty24-May-2024
How to get your first $500 from an XSS vulnerability, technology, xss-vulnerability, bug-bounty, xss-attack24-May-2024
[Bug Report] Medium Bug 3 d Of Ideaspython, medium, bug-bounty, medium-brasil, bugs24-May-2024
Using BBRF for tracking Javascript filesł Lubiczbug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, pentesting24-May-2024
Busting CSRF: The Hidden Dangers of JSON Exploited Essam (hack3dby0mar)web-security, bug-bounty, cybersecurity24-May-2024
25.4 Lab: Targeted web cache poisoning using an unknown header Nagarajcareers, penetration-testing, hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity24-May-2024
Exciting Announcement: We’re Collaborating with DAOPeople to Boost Web3 Security, web3, web3-security, dao, blockchain24-May-2024
Flipping a ‘False’ to ‘True’: The Google Bug That Paid Off mahalepenetration-testing, bugbounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, hacker24-May-2024
Session fixation | Cookie injection leading to ATO Write-Up, account-takeover, cybersecurity, bugbounty-writeup, bug-bounty24-May-2024
Top Tools Every Bug Bounty Hunter Should Use Lazy Techbug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, cyber, cybersecurity24-May-2024
Tips & Tricks To Get Hall of Fame In NASA, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, penetration-testing24-May-2024
25.5 Lab: Web cache poisoning via an unkeyed query string Nagarajbug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking, cybersecurity, careers24-May-2024
Always Test Default Credentials on Bug Bounty even if it’s 2024, hacking, bug-bounty, security, bug-bounty-tips23-May-2024
HTML Injection Choudharybug-bounty-tips, hackerone, cybersecurity, bug-hunting, bug-bounty23-May-2024
25.3 Lab: Web cache poisoning with multiple headers Nagarajcareers, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, hacking, penetration-testing23-May-2024
Unlocked Secrets: How Leaked Credentials Fuel Bug Bounties, infosec, breach, bug-bounty, hacking23-May-2024
Aleo Bug Bounty Program, web3, aleo23-May-2024
CSRF leading to Account Takeover Atmacabug-bounty, penetration-testing, pentesting, cybersecurity, hacking23-May-2024
Exploiting XML Injection to Establish Unauthorized SSH Connection Atmacahacking, coding, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, pentesting23-May-2024
How I Found Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities. Helalvulnerability, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, ctf23-May-2024
How I use to find vulnerabilities like XSS,sqli using mixture of 3 simple tools, cybersecurity-training, bug-bounty, github, tools23-May-2024
Ink Finance Arbitrum Testnet Bug Bounty Hunt Financedao, defi, testnet, arbitrum, bug-bounty23-May-2024
Chrome 125 Update Resolves High-Severities Bugs Reported by External Researchers Njas!™bug-bounty, vulnerbaility, google23-May-2024
Easy Bug: No Rate Limiting on Form which Triggers Emails Khatercybersecurity, bug-bounty23-May-2024
First Swag from HackerRank$ubh@nk@rhacking, swag, ethical-hacking, security, bug-bounty23-May-2024
Ink Finance Arbitrum Testnet User Experience & Bug Bounty Hunt Financedao, defi, testnet, arbitrum, bug-bounty23-May-2024
Second Factor Authentication (2FA) Bypass in Private BBP Khaterbug-bounty, cybersecurity23-May-2024
Logic Bug | Old Session Does Not Expires After Password Change Khaterbug-bounty, cybersecurity23-May-2024
Second bug on VDP program, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty23-May-2024
Advanced Web Application Scanning Step-by-Step Guide, web-penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, web-scanner22-May-2024
How I Found XSS in Swagger-UI Leading to Account Takeover on Bug Bounty, ethical-hacking, penetration-testing, bug-bounty-tips, it22-May-2024
Time-Based Google OAuth Account Takeover: Adventures in Bug Bounties, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, bugs22-May-2024
Silk Central : Bug Tracking Tutorial Pages Of My Lifetesting, software-development, bug-bounty, silk, app-development22-May-2024
Open-Redirect Through HTTP Parameter Pollution Eduardo Karpinskiweb3, bug-bounty, hacking, cybersecurity, pollution22-May-2024
Exciting Announcement: Our New Collaboration with jumboBlockchain to Enhance Web3 Security!, layer-1, blockchain, web3-security, web322-May-2024
Swagger-UI XSS Leading to Account Takeover on Crypto Exchange, ethical-hacking, penetration-testing, bug-bounty-tips, it22-May-2024
25.2 Lab: Web cache poisoning with an unkeyed cookie Nagarajhacking, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, careers, cybersecurity22-May-2024
SubActive: Cracking the Digital Code Mujawarbugbounty-writeup, hacker, hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty22-May-2024
Best tool to find subdomains, subdomain, cybersecurity, cyber-security-awareness, pentesting22-May-2024
Top Network Hacking Techniques Familiar with Every Bug-Bounty Hunter, network-security, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bugs22-May-2024
Pentesting: AI: WEB 1 | Privilege Escalation Attack | Python Reverse Shell | Vulnerabilities | SQL… UL MEHMOODai, cybersecurity, bugs, bug-bounty, ctf-writeup21-May-2024
Hackers Online Tools in 2024, hackathons, bug-bounty, tools, hacking21-May-2024
Authentication Bypass due to Sensitive Data Exposure in Local Storage Singhvulnerability-assessment, webapplicationpentest, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking21-May-2024
25.1 Lab: Web cache poisoning with an unkeyed header Nagarajcareers, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking, cybersecurity21-May-2024
Complex Attack Types: Sample Scenarios 7 Dincerbug-bounty, cybersecurity, freedomofinternet, threat-intelligence, penetration-testing21-May-2024
Curiosity part #2 with $5000 bounty., telnet, hackerone, bug-bounty, vulnerability21-May-2024
Next Generation Nuclei: Detecting SQLi with Logic ÇİÇEKhacking-tools, hacking, penetration-testing, application-security, bug-bounty21-May-2024
CSRF Leads to Delete Account Jesterandroid-pentesting, bug-bounty, android, hacking21-May-2024
How to find View Angles for Aimbots | Explained Castrogames, hacking-tools, bug-bounty, hacking, reverse-engineering21-May-2024
Working with a client, I came across a CSRF vulnerability in their existing web application. E4cybersecurity, csrf, bug-bounty20-May-2024
Bug Zero — This month in Cybersecurity [01–15 May] Maithripalabug-bounty, cybersecurity, sri-lanka, bug-zero20-May-2024
Open-Redirects Uncovered: Real-World Bypass Techniques Revealed Eduardo Karpinskicybersecurity, hacking, web3, programming, bug-bounty20-May-2024
How I Hacked NASA Using Google Dork in Just 10 Minutes Bahurupicybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup20-May-2024
Bypassed the OTP verification process using “Turbo Intruder” Extension. Kumar Modakweb-app-pentesting, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, burpsuite-extension, penetration-testing20-May-2024
IDOR Explained: Discover It Through a Simple Story!, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, idor-vulnerability20-May-2024
Your Account is Now Mine!, bug-bounty, account-takeover, vulnerability20-May-2024
Reflected XSS Leading to Account Takeover, xss-attack, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-writeup, vulnerability20-May-2024
Discovering a $5000 RCE via Dependency Confusion Vulnerability kumawatbug-bounty, hacking, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup, supply-chain20-May-2024
Let’s Understand Price Oracle Manipulation, smart-contract-auditing, web3, blockchain, web3-security20-May-2024
How I Hacked NASA LDAP Server, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty20-May-2024
How I found XSS from a medium article Samiainfosec, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking20-May-2024
How I got Hall of Fame in NASA, penetration-testing, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity20-May-2024
Walk-Through of lab #3 Jubertaccount-takeover, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, bugbounty-writeup, account-takeover-attacks19-May-2024
Hacker101: Micro-CMS v1, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, hacking19-May-2024
Dependency Confusion, bug-bounty19-May-2024
How I Found Multiple Vulnerabilities on Dutch Government, swag, writeup, bug-hunting, infosec19-May-2024
How I Find Another Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability and Bypass the Patch Twice Zhouwordpress-plugins, infosec, bug-bounty, wordpress, web-security19-May-2024
How I got an High IDOR + PII in few minutes. Bounty: €500, bug-bounty19-May-2024
JavaScript tools for BugBounty 2024, osint, hacking, hacker, bug-bounty19-May-2024
VulnCon 2024 CTF — Internal Leaks Kctf-writeup, ctf, ctf-walkthrough, vulncon, bug-bounty19-May-2024
A basic Android Pentest Lab Setup, android, pentest, bug-bounty, pentesting19-May-2024
22.5 Lab: JWT authentication bypass via jku header injection Nagarajcybersecurity, penetration-testing, hacking, bug-bounty, careers19-May-2024
22.6 Lab: JWT authentication bypass via kid header path traversal Nagarajcybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, hacking, careers19-May-2024
First bug on VDP program, bugbounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips19-May-2024
HOW I HACKED INTO HARVARD UNIVERSITY’S DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE -Cycus Pectus Pectushacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty18-May-2024
Mastering Network Scanning: Exploring Essential Nmap Commands (Part -2) :- Shaikhcybersecurity, ethical-hacking, nmap-command, bug-bounty, penetration-testing18-May-2024
Mastering Network Scanning: Exploring Essential Nmap Commands :- Shaikhcybersecurity, bug-bounty, nmap-command, penetration-testing, ethical-hacking18-May-2024
22.4 Lab: JWT authentication bypass via jwk header injection Nagarajpenetration-testing, bug-bounty, hacking, cybersecurity, careers18-May-2024
Analyzing JavaScript Files To Find Bugs, hacking, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, ethical-hacking18-May-2024
Interesting .DS_Store finding worth $$$ Akrachlibug-bounty, hacking, ethical-hacking, python, enumeration18-May-2024
Pay 0$, Get ∞ books!, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, bussines-logic, vulnerability18-May-2024
Found Bug: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Laravel Debug Mode !!, information-security, laravel-framework, xss-attack, web-security18-May-2024
My 6 Month bug hunting journey, what to expect., bug-bounty, bpp, hacking18-May-2024
Top 50 Ports & Vulnerability, osint, networking, vulnerability, hacking18-May-2024
Broken Object Level Authorization — BOLA (ex crAPI) Ahmedpentesting, api, cybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty18-May-2024
How a Single Parameter Led to Two ATO Cases Faisalbug-bounty, hackerone, bug-bounty-tips, twitter18-May-2024
CVE-2023–52424: The WiFi SSID Confusion Attack Explained, bug-bounty, technology, cybersecurity, penetration-testing17-May-2024
The Hacker’s Mind -Recon Mind map Mujawarbug-bounty-writeup, mindmap, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity17-May-2024
Simple Tips for Bug Bounty Beginners: Finding PII Vulnerabilities Narayanbug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-hunting, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips17-May-2024
How I found my first mistake Or why you shouldn’t overlook the obvious., wordpress, first-bug, pentesting, cve17-May-2024
22.3 Lab: JWT authentication bypass via weak signing key Nagarajbug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking, careers, cybersecurity17-May-2024
How to Know If Your Android Device Has Been Hacked and What to Do About It, phone-hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, ethical-hacking17-May-2024
A Story of Zero-click complete Account Takeover, web-vulnerabilities, hacking, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking17-May-2024
Breaking Barriers: A Personal Journey Through the World of Bug Bounty Hunting
How to Create a Cloud Lab for Anonymous Bug Bounty Hunting, hacking, ai, cybersecurity, bug-bounty16-May-2024
Discovery Worth $$$ in KYC Verification Feature : Bug Bounty Shavin Kumarbug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, infosec-write-ups, ethical-hacking, cybersecurity16-May-2024
Account takeover with a sad ending, ethical-hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips16-May-2024
Vulnerable WordPress April 2024 (Arasbaran), infosec, web-security, bug-bounty, nuclei-template16-May-2024
21.5 Lab: Stealing OAuth access tokens via an open redirect | 2024 Nagarajhacking, bug-bounty, careers, penetration-testing, cybersecurity16-May-2024
Reflected XSS via Cache Poisoning, cache-poisoning, xs, bug-bounty, hacking16-May-2024
Reflected XSS to Account Takeover, account-takeover, bug-bounty, hacking, penetration-testing16-May-2024
How I got Critical IDOR in one of India’s Best Known Food Delivery Website Bajajbug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-program, bug-bounty, medium16-May-2024
How I Hacked One of These Big Companies (JS files analysis), cybersecurity, hacking, penetration-testing, bug-bounty-tips16-May-2024
The Art of OSINT: Discovering Locations with Image Analysis and Aritifical Intelligence Tools, osint, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, ai16-May-2024
How to execute a Proof of Concept (PoC) for any CVEs, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, cve, cybersecurity16-May-2024
Account takeover using Blind XSS?, ethical-hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips16-May-2024
Broken Access Control (IDOR) & Credential Leak at Legacy API Video Transcode Harahapbroken-access-control, api-security, application-security, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup15-May-2024
CVE-2024–4761: Exploiting Chrome’s JavaScript Engine Highly Exploited (PoC presented), google, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, javascript15-May-2024
How I Got My First Bounty: The Exciting Story of My Bug Bounty Breakthrough, graphql, bounty-program, hacking, bug-bounty-tips15-May-2024
Subdomain Takeover: What is It? How to Exploit? How to Find Them? Walterbug-bounty, application-security, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, web-application-security15-May-2024
How I Was Able to Perform a Subdomain Takeover Attack Karnbug-bounty, hacking, subdomain-takeover, bugs, attack15-May-2024
21.4 Lab: OAuth account hijacking via redirect_uri | 2024 Nagarajcareers, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, hacking15-May-2024
Multiple Business Logic Errors in APPLE music/TV allowing bypass of parental controls, infosec, bug-bounty15-May-2024
Gaining Control: How Response Manipulation Leads to Higher Privileges (PoC), cybersecurity, privilege-escalation, bug-hunting, bug-bounty15-May-2024
A Arte de Explorar SQL Injection: Uma abordagem profunda Eduardo Karpinskibug-bounty, hacking, sql, mysql, sql-injection15-May-2024
5 bugs in one program $$$ Yiğitödülavcılığı, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty15-May-2024
XSS via HTML Injection in Chatbot Nkvapt, cybersecurity, bug-bounty15-May-2024
Why I want to become a bug bounty hunter, coding, make-money-online15-May-2024
XSS via HTML Injection in Chatbot Nkvapt, cybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty15-May-2024
Walk Through of lab #2 Jubertethical-hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, red-team, ethical-hacking-training14-May-2024
XSS on TikTok AM I ?bug-bounty-tips, cross-site-scripting, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, xss-attack14-May-2024
An Email Authentication Bypass, But Marked as N/A in NASA domain, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty14-May-2024
An easy way to find bugs: Enter wrong data, web-app-security, pentesting, bug-bounty14-May-2024
21.3 Lab: SSRF via OpenID dynamic client registration | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking, careers, cybersecurity14-May-2024
JNDI Injection — The Complete Story Kumarjava, pentesting, bug-bounty, jndi, web-penetration-testing14-May-2024
Root user account takeover via SQL Injection, hacking, bug-bounty, infose, sql-server13-May-2024
RCE Through Account Takeover Chavansecurity, vapt, bug-bounty, web-application-security13-May-2024
Root user account takeover via SQL Injection, hacking, bug-bounty, infose, sql-server13-May-2024
Story of Hall of Fame in Red Hat Linux Bhattacharyaredhat-linux, xss-vulnerability, bug-bounty, hall-of-fame, hacking13-May-2024
Unintended File Downloads in Remote Desktop Environments: A Security Vulnerability, cybersecurity, microsoft, red-team, pentesting13-May-2024
Week 1, bug-bounty-tips, infosec, bug-bounty, infosec-write-ups13-May-2024
21.2 Lab: Forced OAuth profile linking | 2024 Nagarajcareers, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking, cybersecurity13-May-2024
$350 bounty: How I Got It | Broken linked Hijacked SenGuptacybersecurity, bug-bounty, broken-link-hijacking13-May-2024
How To Find And Test S3 Buckets For Bug Bounty Fallsaws, amazon-web-services, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, cloud-services13-May-2024
Broken Access Control leads to Take Admin Role, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, hunting13-May-2024
403 Jump: HTTP 403 Bypass tool, bug-bounty, 403-forbidden, penetration-testing, cybersecurity13-May-2024
How I Found My First RCE ! MOUCHQUELITAapache, cyberattack, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking13-May-2024
Hundreds of companies’ internal data exposed — Part 2: The FreshService misconfiguration Moiz Pashabug-bounty, security, hacking, vulnerability, ethical-hacking13-May-2024
$350 bounty: How I Got It | Broken linked Hijacked SenGuptabroken-link-hijacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, burpsuite13-May-2024
How I found a IDOR at Monitor Mozilla ?, bug-hunter, information-technology, info-sec-writeups, hackerone13-May-2024
ZoneTransfer — ./Hope, tools, bug-bounty13-May-2024
How I Found My First RCE ! MOUCHQUELITAapache, cyberattack, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking13-May-2024
A simple file upload bypass causing XSS attack, bypass, vulnerability, bug-bounty, hacker12-May-2024
Read Code Like a Hacker With SAST, static-code-analysis, testing, ethical-hacking, hacking12-May-2024
How I Found PII Disclosure of Users & PHPInfo() Page :: #NCIIPC #RVDP, ethical-hacking, infosec, cybersecurity, bug-bounty12-May-2024
24.15 Lab: HTTP request smuggling, obfuscating the TE header | 2024 Nagarajpenetration-testing, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, hacking, careers12-May-2024
Hacking more than 130 000 car worldwide in 5 minutes Mansourbug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, pentesting12-May-2024
16 Times Forced Browsing Leads to Authentication bypass [ 300$ Bounty ], bugs, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty12-May-2024
Breaking Down DOM-based XSS: A Practical Exploration Avvanxss-attack, dom-xss, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, javascript11-May-2024
My LLM Bug Bounty Journey on Hugging Face Hub via Protect AI Zhouprotect-ai, hugging-face, bug-bounty, llm-security, ai-security11-May-2024
NMAP Command Options Dagalenmap, commands, information-security, bug-bounty, vulnerability11-May-2024
#2. Bug Bounty POC: Time-Based SQL Injection to Dump Database M!ndssqli, hacking, pentesting, bug-bounty, sql-injection11-May-2024
24.14 Lab: HTTP request smuggling, basic TE.CL vulnerability | 2024 Nagarajpenetration-testing, hacking, careers, cybersecurity, bug-bounty11-May-2024
Exploiting Acunetix Vulnweb SQL Injection Eduardo Karpinskisql, hacking, mysql, bug-bounty, sql-injection11-May-2024
Unveiling an Account Takeover Vulnerability in a Leading Automobile Brand Singhai Jaininfosec, hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips11-May-2024
دي روود ماب علشان تبدا web pentest, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, web-development, javascript11-May-2024
Mastering Subdomain Takeovers Sachin Shahbug-bounty, bugs, vulnerability, subdomain, cybersecurity11-May-2024
Linux Privilege Escalation — Capstone Challenge | TryHackMe Anwarhacking, privilege-escalation, linux, bug-bounty, tryhackme11-May-2024
4 XSSs With A Simple & Optimized Payload Avvanethical-hacking, xss-uppercase-bypass, bug-bounty, xss-attack, cybersecurity11-May-2024
My Hunt: Discovering Microsoft Bugs, hacking, bug-bounty, software-development, cybersecurity11-May-2024
Today I am going to walk through bepractical.tech Jubertcybersecurity, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking, account-takeover, account-takeover-attacks11-May-2024
Exploiting Acunetix Vulnweb SQL Injection Eduardo Karpinskisql, hacking, mysql, bug-bounty, sql-injection11-May-2024
IDOR and Missing Authorization leads to free content, hacking, idor, oscp, bug-bounty10-May-2024
How I Discovered a CVE by Scanning Open Source Repositories Lindhbug-bounty, xss-attack, open-source, application-security, hacking10-May-2024
CSRF Bypass Combined with IDOR To Complete Account Takeover!, idor, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty10-May-2024
24.13 Lab: HTTP request smuggling, basic CL.TE vulnerability | 2024 Nagarajpenetration-testing, hacking, careers, bug-bounty, cybersecurity10-May-2024
A Strange Tale of Email Verification Bypass, cybersecurity, vulnerability, bug-bounty, hacking10-May-2024
Linux Privilege Escalation | TryHackMe — Part 2 Anwarbug-bounty, tryhackme, linux, privilege-escalation, hacking10-May-2024
From Novice to Ninja: Unraveling Bug Bounty Beginnings through Cache Poisoning Faisalhackerone, bug-bounty, security, bug-bounty-tips10-May-2024
Database Info Disclose by Client-Side DOS$ubh@nk@rdos-attack, infosec, hacking, bug-bounty10-May-2024
Inside the Life of a Full-Time Bug Hunter: Weekly Insights and Goals, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, infosec, hacking09-May-2024
XSS | Here’s how I got my first bounty, bug-bounty, xss-vulnerability, xss-attack, first-post09-May-2024
idor affects all users Fade Lababedebug-bounty09-May-2024
24.12 Lab: CL.0 request smuggling | 2024 Nagarajpenetration-testing, bug-bounty, careers, cybersecurity, hacking09-May-2024
idor affects all users Fade Lababedebug-bounty09-May-2024
HOW I FOUND MY FIRST BUG Venunyebug-bounty, bug-bounty-hunting, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty-program09-May-2024
Fingerprinting♨♨: Identifying Technologies Of Our Target., fingerprint-system, bug-bounty, penetration-test, reconnaissance09-May-2024
Linux Privilege Escalation | TryHackMe — Part 1 Anwarbug-bounty, hacking, tryhackme, privilege-escalation, linux09-May-2024
How I Found XSS In Another Govt. Site :: NCIIPC VDP !!, security, information-security, bug-bounty, security-research09-May-2024
An easy bounty using fuzzing Tarekbug-bounty, hacking, penteration-testing, fuzzing, pentesting09-May-2024
Exploiting JWT Token Leads To IDOR, hacking, cybersecurity, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty09-May-2024
Simple bug on Indian government website | Govt. bug hunting PANDAbug-bounty, government, indian, hacking, bug-bounty-tips08-May-2024
NCIIPC VDP Bug : Open Redirection Vulnerability In Govt. Site !!, security, vulnerability, information-security, infosec08-May-2024
Revealing a Critical Vulnerability: The Price Manipulation Flaw, info-sec-writeups, pentesting, bug-zero, bug-bounty08-May-2024
Unlocking Bug Bounties: Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started Kumarfor-beginners, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, begineers08-May-2024
24.11 Lab: HTTP/2 request splitting via CRLF injection |2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking, careers, penetration-testing08-May-2024
Hack Any Browser With One Link Chaudharysecurity, hacking, cybersecurity, beef, bug-bounty08-May-2024
Exposed Key In Page Source Led To Bypass Captcha Israiwihacking, captcha, bug-bounty, bugs, penetration-testing08-May-2024
Writing your First Nuclei Template, nuclei-template, cybersecurity, offensive-security, bug-bounty08-May-2024
XSS vulnerability caused by modifying the Content-Type, xss-attack, money, bug-bounty, hacker08-May-2024
Modify the request path to bypass upload restrictions, leading to an XSS vulnerability., hacker, vulnerability, bug-bounty, xss-attack08-May-2024
An easily accomplished account takeover, hacker, china, money, vulnerability07-May-2024
Title: Understanding Vertical Privilege Escalation in Cybersecurity bijobug-bounty07-May-2024
24.10 Lab: HTTP/2 request smuggling via CRLF injection | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, careers07-May-2024 Feature Update! Bounty Degenvulnerability, web3, blockchain-security-audit, bug-bounty, smart-contracts07-May-2024
A Thrilling Dive into Cloud Penetration Testing, information-security, cloud, info-sec-writeups, penetration-testing07-May-2024
Threat Modeling for OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework kunwalthreat-modeling, bug-bounty, oauth, cybersecurity, vapt07-May-2024
How I got $250 for IDOR via Business Logic Error Aryacybersecurity, information-security, vulnerability, bug-bounty, bugcrowd07-May-2024
Athena TryHackMe Walkthrough, bug-bounty, hacking, tryhackme, cyber07-May-2024
A Comprehensive Review of the Guided Hacking Forum Castroreverse-engineering, bug-bounty, games, ctf, hacking07-May-2024
IDN Bootcamp Bug Bounty : Langkah awal Menjadi Bug Hunter, bug-bounty06-May-2024
Crypto bounty program got me $500 — Rate Limit Bypass, security, hacking, web3, bug-bounty06-May-2024
IDN Bootcamp Bug Bounty : Langkah awal Menjadi Bug Hunter Yuliidn-bootcamp, bug-bounty06-May-2024
Bounty Beginnings: My First Bug Discovery, vulnerability, bugcrowd06-May-2024
Web3 Bug Bounty V/S Smart Contract Auditing, smart-contract-auditing, bug-bounty, web3, web3-security06-May-2024
alasan ingin belajar bug bounty IDN bootcamp
Blog mengenai saya sebagai syarat Bug Bounty IDN Bootcamp Fachry Alicybersecurity, bug-bounty06-May-2024
Pengalaman saya dibidang CyberSecurity Fauzy Hafidzcoding, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, capture-the-flag06-May-2024
My Journey to Become a Bug Hunters | Bug Bounty IDN Bootcamp Priambodotechnology, bug-bounty, experience, cybersecurity, bootcamp06-May-2024
Bug bounty IDN Bootcamp: Perjalanan menjadi pentester dan bug hunter Arif Saifudinprogramming, bug-bounty, linux, cybersecurity06-May-2024
Pengalaman Menemukan Celah Keamanan (Bug) Pada Sebuah Website (Prelude Bug Bounty IDN Bootcamp) R. Nugrohobug-bounty06-May-2024
Guide To Subdomain Takeovers: DNS Resolutions:-Vertical Recon., subdomain-takeover, penetration-testing, subdomain, bug-bounty06-May-2024
Network Infrastructure Recon Eduardo Karpinskidns, hacking, networking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty06-May-2024
BugBountyTraining Lab: FastFoodHackings Part 1, bugbountytraining, fastfoodhackings, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-labs05-May-2024
Bug Bounty IDN Bootcamp Nurdinbug-bounty05-May-2024
‍ Hack Like a Pro: Precon’s Simple Subdomain Secrets, bug-bounty, hacker, hacking, cybersecurity05-May-2024
Exposing Information Of All Users “Email,Mobile Number ..etc”, web-pen-testing, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips05-May-2024
24.9 Lab: H2.CL request smuggling | 2024 Nagarajcareers, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, hacking05-May-2024
An Impactful ‘No Rate Limiting’ Bug, web-app-security, bug-bounty, pentesting, bugs05-May-2024
Information gathering with OSINT Eduardo Karpinskihacking, osint, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, pentesting05-May-2024
JS-Snooper: Get More Bounty With Easy Bugs Aravind Kcybersecurity, infosec, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, hacking05-May-2024
Proxying Web Traffic Via SSH El-Khourybug-bounty, ssh, pentesting, cybersecurity, infosec04-May-2024
LEARNING THE BUG BOUNTY PROGRAM Basith Razakycapture-the-flag, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, linux, networking04-May-2024
24.8 Lab: Response queue poisoning via H2.TE request smuggling | 2024 Nagarajcareers, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty04-May-2024
# Certifcates, bug-bounty, recon, hacking, reconnaissance04-May-2024
Get Your First Award by Joining IDN Bootcamp Bug Bounty, linux, network, penetration-testing, hacker04-May-2024
Alasan Kenapa Ingin Mengikuti “Bootcamp Bug Bounty IDN”, technology, cybersecurity04-May-2024
LEARNING BUG BOUNTY IDN BOOTCAMP Basith Razakycapture-the-flag, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, linux, networking04-May-2024
24.7 Lab: Exploiting HTTP request smuggling to deliver reflected XSS | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, careers, hacking03-May-2024
Empire Breakout Vulnhub: WriteUp | Walkthrough | VulnHub CTF | Privilege Escalation Attack | Python… UL MEHMOODcybersecurity, information-security, cyberattack, infosec, bug-bounty03-May-2024
Unleashing the Ethical Hacker Within: Cybersecurity Insights, Bug Bounty Tips, and the Art of… yadavtech, infosec, technology, bug-bounty, cybersecurity03-May-2024
3 easiest bugs that you can find right now [guarantied] Husanoviccybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty-tips, programming, bug-bounty03-May-2024
Why and how to hide usernames on your WordPresss. Suatwordpress, bug-bounty, information-security, pentest03-May-2024
XSS leads to HALL OF FAME on a French website Moudgilbug-bounty03-May-2024
Alasan saya ingin megikuti Bug Bounty IDN Bootcamp ABDURRASYIDbootcamp, bug-bounty, idn, cybersecurity, sytem03-May-2024
How I bypassed OTP in unexpected way, bug-bounty, red-team, cybersecurity, vulnerability03-May-2024
Real World GitLab Account Take Over, cybersecurity, infosec, red-team, bug-bounty03-May-2024
IDOR lead to PII Disclosure, bug-bounty, web-security03-May-2024
How I Bypassed Rate limiting To Account Takeover, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking03-May-2024
DNS Resolutions: Identifying Live Targets : Vertical RECON., reconnaissance, bug-bounty, education, résolutions03-May-2024
what is RCE-[Remote code Execution]❓, website, security, cyber-security-website, social-security-website03-May-2024
Sql İnjection Nedir &Karşılaştığım Vaka, bug-bounty, sql-injection, vulnerability, bugs03-May-2024
Bug Bounty ID Nurdinfree-course, linux, network, cyberse, bug-bounty02-May-2024
24.6 Lab: Exploiting HTTP request smuggling to capture other users requests | 2024 Nagarajhacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, careers02-May-2024
Langkah Awal Menuju Bug Bounty IDN BootCamp, xiaocaomay, idn, idn-network02-May-2024
Become a Bug Bounty hunter: Unveiling the Secrets to Success!, bug-bounty-tips, info-sec-writeups, penetration-testing, bug-bounty02-May-2024
Google VRP Targets by Tier, pentest, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, vapt02-May-2024
Alasan ingin belajar pada Bug Bounty IDN Bootcamp Suryacybersecurity, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-idn-bootcamp02-May-2024
How I Gained Account Access: Exploring the Risks of Password Reset Links in Cybersecurity yadavcybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking, hackerone, technology02-May-2024
Mengapa bug bounty?, roboti̇k, bug-bounty-idn-bootcamp, bug-bounty02-May-2024
How i got admin panel without opening the target Safdari (TheSafdari)github, hacking, github-secret, bug-bounty, cybersecurity02-May-2024
Diving into the Depths: Unveiling Bug Bounty Adventures and Insights into Linux, Programming, and…, bug-bounty, pentesting02-May-2024
Bug Bounty IDN Bootcamp | By Eky, ethical-hacking, ctf, bug-bounty02-May-2024
Complex Attack Types: Sample Scenarios 3 Dincercybersecurity, threat-intelligence, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, freedomofinternet02-May-2024
Real-World Example of Race Condition Exploits “adding Money”, web-penetration-testing, vulnerability, bug-bounty02-May-2024
#01: Path traversal, path-traversal, web-security, nodejs, bug-bounty02-May-2024
My Journey to the Nokia Security Hall of Fame Farooquihof, bug-bounty, mufazmi, nokia-hall-of-fame, umair-farooqui01-May-2024
Harnessing the Power of Crowd-Sourced Security, information-technology, information-security, cloud-computing, bug-bounty01-May-2024
My First Verified Bug Bounty: Unmasking Flaws in University Web Apps | Rafivulnerability-assessment, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty01-May-2024
How I Bypass CSP that allow a iframe injection in a chat bot + HTML injection on emails, htmli, bug-bounty-writeup, chatbotbugs, bug-bounty-tips01-May-2024
€150 Bounty: Chaining Vulns to fully Exploit CORS Misconfiguration Cruzinformation-security, bug-bounty, infrastructure-security, cybersecurity, penetration-testing01-May-2024
How can I bypass the limit on the number of team members, vulnerability, money, bug-bounty, hacker01-May-2024
€400 Bounty: Unveiling a More Impactful CORS Misconfiguration Exploit Cruzweb-security, bug-bounty, information-security, penetration-testing, cybersecurity01-May-2024
FortiClient Android App Eid Wahbybug-bounty, mobile-pentest, mobile-pentesting, penetration-testing, bug-bounty-tips01-May-2024
Partnering with fewerClicks- To Provide Robust Web3 Security, bug-bounty, pentesting, web301-May-2024
1500$ bounty: how unprotected directory leaked sensitive info Pietruczukpentesting, bug-bounty01-May-2024
Exposed Secrets: The Peril of Broken Access Control yadavcybersecurity, bug-bounty, technology, hacking, penetration-testing01-May-2024
I sent 1,000,000 Requests to a server (Virang Rajyaguru)hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking01-May-2024
AWS S3 Bucket Misconfiguration Exposes PII and Documents of Job Seekers, cloud, india, information-security, bug-bounty01-May-2024
Learning Offensive Cybersecurity — Day 2, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, learning, tech01-May-2024
Billions Bug Bounty Program Questbug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-hunter, bugs01-May-2024
Binary Exploitation: PicoCTF clutter-overflow challenge walk through, hacking, hackathons, cyber, cybersecurity01-May-2024
1,000,000 requests 2FA bypass (Virang Rajyaguru)hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking01-May-2024
Javascript code inside HTML, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty01-May-2024
How OSINT Helped Me To Find User Credentials And Discover An OTP Bypass Waleedrecon, osint, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, bug-bounty30-Apr-2024
Bypassing SSL Pinning with Frida and Objection in Mobile Applications Banerjeebug-bounty, cybersecurity, ssl-pinning, mobile-security, mobile-app-testing30-Apr-2024
Another ATO, will I get paid this time? (Virang Rajyaguru)hacking, ethical-hacking, security, bug-bounty, cyber-security-awareness30-Apr-2024
Useful GoogleDocks Tips — Bug Bounty Tuesday, bug-bounty, hacking30-Apr-2024
How I found three Critical Vulnerability in one site., hacking, cybersecurity, red-team, bug-bounty30-Apr-2024
O melhor curso de hacking etico do Brasil Henriquetryhackme-writeup, hacking, bug-bounty, hacker, hackerone30-Apr-2024
24.4 Lab: Exploiting HTTP request smuggling to bypass front-end security controls, CL.TE Nagarajcareers, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, hacking30-Apr-2024
Learning OffensiveCybersecurity — Day 1, cybersecurity, offensive-security, learning, tech30-Apr-2024
Adding Certificates to Postman & Burp Suite for API Testing Abulhulsecurity, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking, infosec30-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): [CONCLUSION], bug-bounty, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty-writeup30-Apr-2024
Finding a viper in the curved lawn, bug-bounty, audit, blockchain, security30-Apr-2024
ineligible for bounty !!!
postMessage() security darekarbug-bounty, xss-vulnerability, replit, postmessage, javascript30-Apr-2024
Learning Offensive Cybersecurity — Day 1, cybersecurity, offensive-security, learning, tech30-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): CONCLUSION, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty-writeup30-Apr-2024
do FUZZ well! Sagarbug-bounty, fuzzing, bug-bounty-tips30-Apr-2024
E-Commerce Application Penetration Testing- My Favourite Business Logical Flaw Nagoriapplication-security, ciso, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, vapt29-Apr-2024
The Silent Threat: Uncovering IDOR Vulnerabilities Before They’re Exploited (PoC), penetration-testing, blog, cybersecurity, bug-bounty29-Apr-2024
The Story of a Mass Account Takeover Though Stored XSS (Cross-Site Scripting). Chavanvapt, cybersecurity, bug-hunting, web-app-pentesting, bug-bounty29-Apr-2024
The Fuzzy Wuzzy: Unveiling Hidden Parameters, fuzzing, ffuf29-Apr-2024
Explorando Acunetix Vulneweb SQL Injection Eduardo Karpinskisql-injection, sql, bug-bounty, mysql, vulnerability29-Apr-2024
24.3 Lab: Exploiting HTTP request smuggling to bypass front-end security controls, CL.TE Nagarajcareers, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking, cybersecurity29-Apr-2024
Temu glitch - Temu system hacked and let me buy free items! Lazy Techtemu, hacking, shopping, free, bug-bounty29-Apr-2024
The Fuzzy Wuzzy: Unveiling Hidden Parameters, fuzzing, ffuf29-Apr-2024
Broken Link Hijacking: A Hidden Threat $350 Bounty Chouhanbug-bounty, bugcrowd, bugs, broken-link-hijacking, bug-bounty-tips29-Apr-2024
Embracing Downtime: Why “Wasting Time” Can Be Beneficial for Bug Hunters Lit Limitedbug-bounty, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty-tips29-Apr-2024
Crypto Attacks Cheat-Sheet Eduardo Karpinskihacking, bug-bounty, dictionary, cheating, crack29-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): Day 9–29/04/2024, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty29-Apr-2024
The Last Dance (HackTheBox Writeup) Geractf, cybersecurity, hackthebox, hackerone, bug-bounty29-Apr-2024
Find PII Info Disclosure Bugs With this Simple GUI Tool-Easy P1, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking, penetration-testing29-Apr-2024
Bug Zero at a Glance [01–15 April] Dharmapriyacybersecurity, sri-lanka, bug-zero, newsletter, bug-bounty28-Apr-2024
2FA bypass that made me $______ (Virang Rajyaguru)csrf, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, 2fa-bypass, hacking28-Apr-2024
How to choose less competitive Bug Bounty Programs ( No VDPs), bugbounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup28-Apr-2024
Starting in Bug Bounty — First Master This Before Hunting. SHUKLAbug-bounty, ethical-hacking, penetration-testing, bounty-program, bug-bounty-tips28-Apr-2024
Unveiling the Secrets of Internal Pentest Monitoring: A Game-Changer for Security Leaders, pentesting, cybersecurity28-Apr-2024
Never use the GET method for Sensitive Actions in Web App: Ft. CSRF, penetration-testing, information-security, hacking, web-development28-Apr-2024
Ability to Deny Subaccounts feature from all users, bug-bounty, cybersecurity28-Apr-2024
IDOR leads to Account Takeover of all users (ATO). Tarekpenteration-testing, account-takeover, bug-bounty, pentesting, hacking28-Apr-2024
Mi camino en el Bug Bounty comienza, pero antes.. Byt3bug-bounty28-Apr-2024
24.2 Lab: HTTP request smuggling, confirming a TE.CL Nagarajcareers, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking28-Apr-2024
How I Hacked an Indian Government Website and Accessed Their Database Server Rahumanbug-hunting, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking28-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): Day 8–28/04/2024, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty28-Apr-2024
How We Hacked Voice Communication Solutions Company And Found BAC + Info Disclosure + IDOR 😀, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, hacking, penetration-testing28-Apr-2024
Flamingo Finance Bug Bounty Program Kovalenkoweb-security, bug-bounty, security, web3, flamingo-finance28-Apr-2024
VAPT: The Secret Weapon for Security Superheroes Lit Limitedvapt, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, cyberattack28-Apr-2024
Security Testing Trends 2024, devsecops, genai, bug-bounty, pentesting27-Apr-2024
Hidden parameters, bug-bounty-tips27-Apr-2024
Top Ten Books for Bug Bounty Lazy Techpentesting, money, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, oscp27-Apr-2024
How to setup in 30 min your Web3 lab in Windows Bounty Degenweb3, hacking-tools, ethereum, bug-bounty, blockchain27-Apr-2024
2:00 AM IDOR leads to some Adrenaline rush (Virang Rajyaguru)bug-bounty27-Apr-2024
Logic Loopholes: The Fun Flaws, web-penetration, bug-bounty, pentest, xss-attack27-Apr-2024
How I Exploited an Auth0 Misconfiguration to Bypass Login Restrictions Alipenetration-testing, infosec, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity27-Apr-2024
How A Blackbox Target Turned To Whitebox With Recon, cybersecurity, red-team, hacking, bug-bounty27-Apr-2024
Spotting Sensitive Data in iOS Applications A Penetration Tester’s Guide, penetration-testing, infosec, information-security, bug-bounty27-Apr-2024
24.1 Lab: HTTP request smuggling, confirming a CL.TE Nagarajbug-bounty, hacking, careers, penetration-testing, cybersecurity27-Apr-2024
privilege escalation allow the app admin to add the user as organization admin (on Microsoft own…, bug-bounty, bugcrowd, privilege-escalation, bug-hunter27-Apr-2024
Exploring the Filliquid Testnet Launch Bug Bounty Program! Tobias Darlingtonfilecoin, bug-bounty, testnet, defi, filliquid27-Apr-2024
How I Hacked NASA Website and find a Criticial Source Code leak BUG on their website, bug-bounty-tips, bug-fixes, bug-bounty, bug-zero27-Apr-2024
Unveiling Strategies to Identify Potentially Sensitive Data Stored by iOS Applications, penetration-testing, infosec, information-security, bug-bounty27-Apr-2024
What is HTTP request smuggling? Nagarajhacking, penetration-testing, careers, cybersecurity, bug-bounty26-Apr-2024
I found a simple but rare misconfiguration and got $200 on a hackerone program, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips26-Apr-2024
Private server setup with a web dashboard Novoselovtutorial, hacking, tools, cybersecurity, bug-bounty26-Apr-2024
Found Multiple Bugs :: XSS, MITM, Sec-MisConf :: In an Educational Site, bugs, bug-bounty, information-security, xss-attack26-Apr-2024
The Ultimate Guide to CISSP’s Eight Security Territories Yalamuristartup, information-security, information-technology, cybersecurity, bug-bounty26-Apr-2024
Unraveling the Nuances of 403 Bypass: Strengthening Web Application Security, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty26-Apr-2024
How to baypass scaping filter(\), bug-bounty26-Apr-2024
How We Prevented a Mass Breach On One OF The Biggest CryptoCurrency Gateways On A Web3 Platform., bugbounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, penetration-testing26-Apr-2024
Found Multiple Bugs :: XSS, MITM, Sec-MisConf :: In a GOVT Educational Site, bugs, bug-bounty, information-security, xss-attack26-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Tools, bug-bounty-writeup, reconnaissance, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tool25-Apr-2024
this is how I Bypassed the 2FA page in a big site…, 2fa, pentesting, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity25-Apr-2024
Android Pentesting Lab Setup step to step . Part -1 Empirebug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, android-pentesting, bug-bounty, cyber-sec25-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Champions: Real Stories of Cybersecurity Triumphs, bug-bounty, ai, hacking, information-security25-Apr-2024
Understanding 403 Bypass: A Critical Vulnerability in Web Application Security Bhujangbug-bounty, 403-bypass, cybersecurity, vulnerability, web-app-security25-Apr-2024
Hacking one of the largest Legal tech in MENA Mansourpentest, hacking, securing, bug-bounty25-Apr-2024
Cyber Detectives Unite: Advanced Tools for Web Security Yalamuriethical-hacking, information-security, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, computer-science25-Apr-2024
How a ‘.git’ file Leads to Zendesk Panel Takeover Allam (sl4x0)bug-bounty-tips, admin-panel, pentesting, bug-bounty, hacking25-Apr-2024
Privilege Escalation to Admin through an Import Feature Vladbug-bounty, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, pentesting, infosec25-Apr-2024
Unexpected gain, arbitrary forgery of user tokens., hacker, vulnerability, bug-bounty, money25-Apr-2024
How to monitor your internal pentesters?, cybersecurity, it-security, penetration-testing-tools, penetration-testing25-Apr-2024
Find This Easy CSRF in Every Website- A Sweet P4, technology, bug-bounty, hacking, cybersecurity25-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): Day 5–25/04/2024, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips25-Apr-2024
Cyber Detectives Unite: Advanced Tools for Web Security Yalamuriethical-hacking, information-security, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, computer-science25-Apr-2024
20.6 Lab: Host validation bypass via connection state attack | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, careers, hacking, cybersecurity, penetration-testing25-Apr-2024
Privilege escalation mediante Race Condition. Ramirezbug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bugbounty-writeup, hacking25-Apr-2024
A very useful asset collection tool: Asset Reconnaissance Lighthouse., hunting, tools, bug-bounty, china24-Apr-2024
Hack Stories: Hacking Hackers EP:3, programming, cybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty24-Apr-2024
#1. Bug Bounty POC: IDOR leads to Account Takeover M!ndsidor, account-takeover, web-penetration-testing, bug-bounty, pentesting24-Apr-2024
BALMER PEAK AND BUG HUNTING, bug-bounty24-Apr-2024
20.5 Lab: SSRF via flawed request parsing | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, penetration-testing, careers, cybersecurity, hacking24-Apr-2024
Unveiling the Hidden: A Guide to Passive Subdomain Enumeration Yalamuriweb-security, technology, security, bug-bounty, hacking24-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): Day 4–24/04/2024, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-hunter24-Apr-2024
Embarking on My Bug Bounty Hunting Journey, cybersecurity, bug-bounty24-Apr-2024
Unveiling the Hidden: A Guide to Passive Subdomain Enumeration Yalamuriweb-security, technology, security, bug-bounty, hacking24-Apr-2024
How easy I made $$$$ H Hmaidypenetration-testing, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, bug-bounty23-Apr-2024
Bug :: CORS Misconfiguration ~ could lead to disclosure of sensitive info..!!!, bug-bounty, threat-hunting, information-security, vulnerability23-Apr-2024
What are Some Ethical Considerations for Bug Bounty Hunters When Negotiating Rewards or Disclosing…, ethics, data-breach, ethical-hacking, cybersecurity23-Apr-2024
IOS Penetration Testing: Guide to Static Analysis Sawantcybersecurity, static-analysis, bug-bounty, i̇os, penetration-testing23-Apr-2024
How I found my First Valid bug Goyalbug-bounty, bug-hunting, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips23-Apr-2024
Bypassing CloudFlare Error 1015: You Are Being Rate Limited, vulnerability, cybersecurity, hacking23-Apr-2024
QUICK ROADMAP TO BUG BOUNTY(things you need to know) Paulo Antonytips, bug-bounty-tips, roadmaps, bug-bounty23-Apr-2024
VERTICAL RECON : SUBDOMAINS ENUMERATION. THE ART OF RECONISM:, information-gathering, subdomains-enumeration, bug-bounty, reconnaissance23-Apr-2024
20.4 Lab: Routing-based SSRF Vulnerability | 2024 Nagarajhacking, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, careers23-Apr-2024
Browser Extension Security Testing: Part 1 Kumar Srivastavabug-bounty, hacking, browser-extension, bug-bounty-tips, testing23-Apr-2024
Email Verification Bypass via Remember Me, cybersecurity, pentesting, red-team, hacking22-Apr-2024
(Insecure Dangerous Component) Developer Backdoor `DebugActivity` included in the Production Game…' Yasseerandroid-pentesting, android-pentest, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity22-Apr-2024
20.3 Lab: Web cache poisoning via ambiguous requests | 2024 Nagarajhacking, cybersecurity, careers, penetration-testing, bug-bounty22-Apr-2024
How many months took you to find your first bug ?! Let s see Skbug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty-program, bug-bounty-writeup22-Apr-2024
Don’t overlook any parameter, because the vulnerability lies within!, vulnerability, china, money, bug-bounty22-Apr-2024
Exploiting PostMessage for cool XSS vulnerabilities Harshhacking, xss-vulnerability, bug-bounty, application-security22-Apr-2024
Google Map API Key Exposure: A Bug Bounty Journey, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, bugbounty-writeup22-Apr-2024
Auto Bug Bounty Script — Unleash Your Hunting Potential, vapt, hacker, bug-bounty-tips, automation22-Apr-2024
How i Find Database Credentials via Mass Recon & Recon Scoping on Gcash, reconnaissance, recon, bug-bounty, gcash22-Apr-2024
What is SSRF and how to Detect them on Web Application bijobug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, xs, ssrf22-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): Day 3–22/04/2024, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips22-Apr-2024
Cross-Site Scripting Detection, cybersecurity, xss-attack22-Apr-2024
Beware of Method Swapping: Unveiling a Potential Security Vulnerability, bug-bounty-writeup, hacking, bug-bounty-tips22-Apr-2024
How to avoid burnouts in bugbounty? Hasan aka MR_Prey3rbug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup22-Apr-2024
Beware of Method Swapping: Unveiling a Potential Security Vulnerability, bug-bounty-writeup, hacking, bug-bounty-tips22-Apr-2024
Beware of Method Swapping: Unveiling a Potential Security Vulnerability, bug-bounty-writeup, hacking, bug-bounty-tips22-Apr-2024
Project discovery`s Chaos: Subdomains Discovery for all Bug Bounty Programs keivanfarsecurity, subdomains-enumeration, bug-bounty, penetration-testing21-Apr-2024
SQL Injection Vulnerability in WHERE Clause Allowing Retrieval of Hidden Data I Amportswigger-lab, sql-injection, information-security, bug-bounty, cybersecurity21-Apr-2024
Unraveling the Secrets of CWE and CVE in easily way, cwe, cybersecurity, cve, bug-bounty21-Apr-2024
Such a simple zero-payment vulnerability., vulnerability, bug-bounty, china, hacker21-Apr-2024
Linux Mastery, Practical Exercises for Effective Command Line Skills Rivacyber-security-awareness, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, kali-linux21-Apr-2024
What is server-side template injection? Nagarajhacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, careers21-Apr-2024
How I could have hacked one LG website with a simple recon…, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips21-Apr-2024
HACKTHEBOX CBBH REVIEW, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, cbbh, hackthebox21-Apr-2024
How do I get Started in Cyber Security? — My Perspective & Learning Path!, infosec, technology, hacking, learning21-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): Day 1–21/04/2024, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips21-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): Day 2–21/04/2024, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips21-Apr-2024
Unsecured Content Provider leads to Account Takeover Elmorsihacker, bugbounty-writeup, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty20-Apr-2024
Best Bug Bounty Tips Guptabug-bounty-tips, bug-fixes, bugs, bug-bounty, bug-zero20-Apr-2024
Unraveling the Millennium Bug: A Digital Apocalypse Aryanjava, bugs, software-development, bug-bounty20-Apr-2024
My methodology for hunting for open Redirect vulnerabilities Nassertips, open-redirect, bug-bounty, tips-and-tricks20-Apr-2024
19.5 Lab: Finding a hidden GraphQL endpoint | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, cybersecurity, careers, hacking, penetration-testing20-Apr-2024
Paramspider Upgraded Version, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, redteam-tool, infosec20-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge (final): Day 1–20/04/2024, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty20-Apr-2024
April 2024 Reading List Pruetbug-bounty, network-security, cloud-computing, google-cloud-platform, linux19-Apr-2024
Race Condition on Change Email Leads to Arbitrary Email Forgery Harahapbug-bounty, application-security, api-security, race-condition, bug-bounty-writeup19-Apr-2024
Blockchain Bug Bounty Guptabug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, blockchain, blockchain-technology, bugs19-Apr-2024
OTP Bypass Security Issues and Remediations Mittalsecure-coding, software-development, otp-bypass, bug-bounty, security19-Apr-2024
Reconnaissance in Bug Bounty Programs Guptabugs, bug-bounty-tips, footprinting, reconnaissance, bug-bounty19-Apr-2024
First valid critical vulnerability of mine, hackerone, bug-bounty, cybersecurity19-Apr-2024
OOGWAY — Vulnerability Search Tool, cybersecurity, vulnerability, cve19-Apr-2024
An Interesting Case of XSS Caused by File Upload, security, bug-bounty, money, hacks19-Apr-2024
How I Disclosed Employees PII | The mistake I made..|, bug-bounty-program, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty19-Apr-2024
19.4 Lab: Performing CSRF exploits over GraphQL | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, bug-bounty, careers, penetration-testing, hacking19-Apr-2024
let’s Unlock Advanced Permissions Muhammedelkhirbug-bounty-tips, penteration-testing, bug-bounty, web-app-pentesting, privilege-escalation19-Apr-2024
Defence Methodologie Zehra Kamanlıpentesting, bug-bounty, soc, prevention, cybersecurity19-Apr-2024
Rest API Pentesting Resources Kumarpentesting, checklist, bug-bounty, api, hacking19-Apr-2024
Stored XSS chain on NASA VDP, vulnerability, nasa18-Apr-2024
Introducing SHIFU: Your Comprehensive CVE Finder Toolkit, cve, bug-bounty18-Apr-2024
How Shodan Helps me to Find SMTP misconfiguration Safdaribug-bounty, finding-smtp-misconfig, finding-vulnerabilities18-Apr-2024
Jamtangan Bug Bounty Guptabugs, bug-zero, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, jam-tangan18-Apr-2024
IDOR Bug Bounty Guptaidor, bugs, bug-zero, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips18-Apr-2024
Yahoo Bug Bounty Guptabug-bounty, yahoo-bug-bounty, bugs, yahoo, bug-bounty-tips18-Apr-2024
A Beginner’s Guide To Insecure Deserialization, cybersecurity, bug-bounty18-Apr-2024
How I found HTMLi on main domain of program, html-injection, bug-bounty18-Apr-2024
IDOR Lead to Data Leak Elguerdawibug-bounty, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips18-Apr-2024
VulnersX Tool, cve, vulnerability, bug-bounty18-Apr-2024
How Shodan Helps me to Find SMTP misconfiguration Safdari (TheSafdari)bug-bounty, finding-smtp-misconfig, finding-vulnerabilities18-Apr-2024
How i Hacked Globe/Gcash services and manage to get access on multiple databases including ssh…, public-disclosure, pentesting, gcash18-Apr-2024
SSL Pinning Bypass Simplified Khatavkarbug-bounty, cybersecurity, android18-Apr-2024
Unveiling Access Control Flaws: Taking over an entire organization othmancybersecurity, bug-bounty18-Apr-2024
19.3 Lab: Bypassing GraphQL brute force protections | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, penetration-testing, careers, bug-bounty, hacking18-Apr-2024
How I Used the ‘Everything’ Service to Uncover Two High-Risk Threats and Earn Over $700 in Rewards, bug-bounty, money, hacker, vulnerability17-Apr-2024
Uber Bug Bounty Program Guptauber, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bug-zero, bugs17-Apr-2024
“Mastering Bug Bounty Hunting: Unveiling Secrets to Finding Hidden Vulnerabilities” Nbug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, vulnerability17-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty POC Guptabug-bounty, poc, bug-bounty-tips, bug-zero, bugs17-Apr-2024
Vulnerability Bounty Tool Recommendation: WIH, tools, hacker, bug-bounty, money17-Apr-2024
Leveraging XSS to Execute CSRF Attacks, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, csrf, xss-attack17-Apr-2024
API Mis configuration: How Employee can change Manager’s review for him. (Part 2) Dweb-development, bug-bounty, tips, cybersecurity, hacking17-Apr-2024
19.2 Lab: Accidental exposure of private GraphQL fields | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, penetration-testing, hacking, bug-bounty, careers17-Apr-2024
How I approach Account takeover due to no rate limit on OTP, bountytips, no-rate-limit, account-takeover17-Apr-2024
How I found a P1 bug in just 40 minutes, p1bugs, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty17-Apr-2024
OTP Bruteforce Chained with Response Manipulation Leads to Zero Click Account Takeover, account-takeover, bug-bounty, web-hacking, hacking17-Apr-2024
(Part 2) API Mis configuration: How Employee can change Manager’s review for him. Dweb-development, bug-bounty, tips, cybersecurity, hacking17-Apr-2024
TCM Security — Practical Ethical Hacking Course — Find & Exploit Common Web Vulnerabilities — XSS… Sethcross-site-scripting, blog, command-injection, bug-bounty, cybersecurity16-Apr-2024
PayPal Bug Bounty Guptabugs, paypal, paypal-account, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips16-Apr-2024
Discord Bug Bounty Guptabugs, discord, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, discord-bot16-Apr-2024
Top 5 books to learn bug hunting beginner to advance, cybersecurity, bug-hunting, advance, books16-Apr-2024
18.4 Lab: Exploiting Ruby deserialization using a documented gadget chain | 2024 Nagarajhacking, cybersecurity, careers, bug-bounty, penetration-testing16-Apr-2024
Email Template Draft Feature Triggers SSRF, Earns ¥3000!, vulnerability, china, money, bug-bounty16-Apr-2024
WhatWeb!? Hackers Meetuptools, bug-bounty, whatweb, kali, web16-Apr-2024
XSS (Міжсайтовий скриптинг): детальний розбір Pavlenko (Certified Vue.js Developer)bug-bounty, security, front-end-development, xss-vulnerability16-Apr-2024
Reverse Engineering Sitecore Vulnerabilities-3 Patelbug-bounty, vulnerability, automation, hacking, sitecore16-Apr-2024
Reverse Shell Scripting Concept., bash-scripting, bug-bounty, reverse-shell, bash-script16-Apr-2024
I Found An IDOR Flaw where users' attached pictures and documents were leaked., cybersecurity, money, bug-bounty, penetration-testing16-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Automation Guptaautomation-tools, automation-testing, bug-bounty-tips, automation, bug-bounty15-Apr-2024
Dell Bug Bounty Guptabug-bounty-tips, dell, dell-laptop, bugs, bug-bounty15-Apr-2024
CVE-2024–3400: A Critical Vulnerability in PAN-OS Firewalls, penetration-testing, command-injection, firewall, cybersecurity15-Apr-2024
Story of a strange IDOR without ID, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, security, hacker15-Apr-2024
CSRF (1/3), bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup, csrf, web-attack15-Apr-2024
Advance XSS payload List, bug-bounty-tips, bugs, bug-bounty, xss-attack15-Apr-2024
18.3 Lab: Exploiting PHP deserialization with a pre-built gadget chain | 2024 Nagarajcareers, cybersecurity, hacking, penetration-testing, bug-bounty15-Apr-2024
How I got JS Execution (DOM XSS) Via CSTI, bug-bounty15-Apr-2024
Acer Bug Bounty Guptaacer, bug-zero, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bugs14-Apr-2024
My Bug Bounty Journey Guptabug-zero, bug-bounty-tips, my-journey, bugs, bug-bounty14-Apr-2024
Ten Tips You Have to Know for WordPress Bug Bounty Zhoubug-bounty, wordpress, infosec, hacker, bug-bounty-tips14-Apr-2024
How I Exploited the Account Cancellation Feature to Farm Rewards, bug-bounty, skills, vulnerability, china14-Apr-2024
How I Hack Web Applications (Part 1) Rahman Chyethical-hacking, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, infosec, application-security14-Apr-2024
A unique SSRF hunt ( Invite user functionality vulnerable to blind SSRF attack ) singh ( a6h1)bug-bounty, ssrf, bug-bounty-tips, bug-hunting, bug-bounty-writeup14-Apr-2024
A click can cause 1600$ | Auth0 misconfig . Khanpenetration-testing, bug-bounty, hacking, cybersecurity, money14-Apr-2024
18.2 Lab: Exploiting Java deserialization with Apache Commons | 2024 Nagarajhacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, careers, penetration-testing14-Apr-2024
Access to transparent security testing — Why we made HackGATE™ available to everyone, penetration-testing, pentesting, security, cybersecurity14-Apr-2024
THE ART OF RECONISM: HORIZONTAL RECON FOR PENETRATION TESTING:, horizonatl-reconaissance, scope-finding, bug-bounty, information-gathering13-Apr-2024
Power of CSRF RANEotp-bypass, bug-bounty, csrf, authentication-bypass13-Apr-2024
Unauthorized Admin Account Access via Google Authentication Mehracybersecurity, web, bug-bounty, vulnerability, penetration-testing13-Apr-2024
Bancor Bug Bounty Guptabug-zero, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bugs, bancor13-Apr-2024
Facebook Bug Bounty Guptafacebook, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, bugs, facebook-bug-bounty13-Apr-2024
Menggali Potensi Bug Bounty: Menghasilkan Uang atau Menemukan Keamanan?, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, hacking, cyber-security-awareness13-Apr-2024
Api Bug Bounty Guptabugs, api, bug-bounty, api-development, bug-bounty-tips13-Apr-2024
How I saved over 200,000 job seekers’ data on from a potential data breach., web-development, web-security, sql-injection, bug-bounty13-Apr-2024
How do insecure deserialization vulnerabilities arise? Nagarajcybersecurity, penetration-testing, careers, hacking, bug-bounty13-Apr-2024
How Did I Easily Find Stored XSS at Apple and earn $5000 ?, xss-attack, apple, bug-bounty, web-security13-Apr-2024
TryHackMe Creative Write-Up Alantryhackme-walkthrough, tryhackme, cybersecurity, tryhackme-writeup, bug-bounty13-Apr-2024
Broken Access Control (IDOR) on Forgot Password Could Lead to Attacker Change Password for Every… Harahapbug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, account-takeover, application-security, broken-access-control12-Apr-2024
How I managed to bypass 2FA on image line, bug-bounty, application-security, web-application-testing, web-application-security12-Apr-2024
Using E-Notation to bypass Access Control restrictions to access arbitrary user PII-discussions, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips12-Apr-2024
The Critical Role Of Bug Bounties in Ensuring Web3 Security, bug-bounty, web312-Apr-2024
How I Find My First Internet Bug Bounty for Apache Airflow Zhoubug-bounty, open-source, airflow, python, infosec12-Apr-2024
Bug Zero at a Glance [16–31 March] Dharmapriyacybersecurity, sri-lanka, bug-zero, bug-bounty, newsletter12-Apr-2024
How i Almost got 2K$ through a Race condition Eladly ( 0x3adly )bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, race-condition, infosec, web-penetration-testing12-Apr-2024
A Comprehensive Guide to Static Analysis in Android Pentesting, ethical-hacking, android-static-analysis, android-pentesting, bug-bounty12-Apr-2024
Learn Bug Bounty Guptabug-bounty-tips, bugs, bug-bounty, learn, bug-zero12-Apr-2024
Microsoft Bug Bounty Guptamicrosoft, microservices, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty12-Apr-2024
How I Bypassed Offer Limits to Gain Multiple Membership Benefits, hacker, china, vulnerability12-Apr-2024
Latest Bug Bounty And Web Hacking Tools Bug Bunty And Web Hacking Tools haider Tallalbug-bounty, web-penetration-testing, hacking12-Apr-2024
Zoho Account Takeover: How a Single Click Can Lead to Full Control on your Zoho account, cybersecuirty, bug-bounty, infosec, information-security12-Apr-2024
Random account takeover via misconfigured OAuth, cybersecurity, information-security, infosec, vulnerability12-Apr-2024
16.5 Lab: Multistep clickjacking in Bug Bounty | 2024 Nagarajpenetration-testing, bug-bounty, careers, cybersecurity, hacking12-Apr-2024
5 Methods I Use To Discover APIs, red-team, pentesting, hacking, bug-bounty12-Apr-2024
Token-Based Authentication vulnerability Vitor Costa Limabug-bounty, cybersecurity12-Apr-2024
Hunting on Microsoft SharePoint: The art of manipulation., bug-bounty12-Apr-2024
How I Discovered Vulnerabilities by Modifying App Memory, china, bug-bounty, vulnerability, money12-Apr-2024
How I Exposed a High-Risk SSRF Vulnerability in an AI Model, bug-bounty, ai11-Apr-2024
Building My Own Packet Sniffer for Game Security Testing Castrogamehacking, bug-bounty, reverse-engineering, hacking, hacking-tools11-Apr-2024
Meta Bug Bounty Guptabugs, bug-zero, bug-bounty, metaverse, bug-bounty-tips11-Apr-2024
How to Fuzz Prototype Pollution by Reusing Public CVEs for Fun and Research Zhouweb-security, nodejs, fuzzing, infosec, bug-bounty11-Apr-2024
How I Exposed a High-Risk SSRF Vulnerability in an AI Model, bug-bounty, ai11-Apr-2024
How I Uncovered a Payment Vulnerability, china, bug-bounty, hacker11-Apr-2024
Indian software firms cheated me by failing to provide the promised bounty after I reported…, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-program11-Apr-2024
Bypassed the Amazon CloudFront Logic and got XSS at the National Weather Agency of the U.S. Roy(RoyzSec)web-development, hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, penetration-testing11-Apr-2024
7 Essential Skills Every Bug Bounty Hunter Needs to Succeed, cybersecurity, kali-linux, darkweb, bug-bounty11-Apr-2024
GitHub Bug Bounty Guptabug-bounty-tips, bug-zero, bugs, github, bug-bounty11-Apr-2024
16.4 Lab: Exploiting clickjacking vulnerability to trigger DOM-based XSS | 2024 Nagarajhacking, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, careers11-Apr-2024
Secret BurpSuite Extension For BugBounty~ Part-2, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, ethical-hacking, hacking11-Apr-2024
How to Fuzz Prototype Pollution by Reusing Public CVEs for Fun and Research Zhoujavascript, web-security, nodejs, infosec, bug-bounty11-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Challenge: Day 16–11/04/2024, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty11-Apr-2024
CVE-2024–24576: A Critical Rust Vulnerability on Windows, windows, rust, penetration-testing, bug-bounty10-Apr-2024
How I Find an Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability with a Unique Bypass Zhouinfosec, wordpress-plugins, web-security, bug-bounty, wordpress10-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Certification Guptabug-bounty-tips, bugs, bug-bounty, bug-zero, bug-bounty-certification10-Apr-2024
Android Bug Bounty Guptabug-bounty-tips, android-bug-bounty, android, bugs, bug-bounty10-Apr-2024
Apple Bug Bounty Guptaapple-bug-bounty, bug-zero, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bugs10-Apr-2024
SQL Injection: A Simple Beginner’s Guide., sql-injection, hacking, vulnerability-management, bug-bounty10-Apr-2024
Privilege Escalation by manipulating endpoint Vermainfosec, hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, pentesting10-Apr-2024
Vulnerable WordPress March 2024 (Kandovan), bug-bounty, wordpress-security, infosec, exploitation10-Apr-2024
Clickjacking: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Clickjacking Vulnerabilities Nagarajhacking, cybersecurity, security, bug-bounty, careers10-Apr-2024
Bug: No rate limiting on Email verification leads to huge Mass Mailing :: P4, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, infosec-write-ups09-Apr-2024
How I Found Bug :: Reflected XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) On a BBP., cyber-security-solutions, infosec-write-ups, offensive-security, bug-bounty-tips09-Apr-2024
Bug: No rate limiting on Email verification leads to huge Mass Mailing :: P4, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, infosec-write-ups09-Apr-2024
How I Found Bug :: Reflected XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) On a BBP., cyber-security-solutions, infosec-write-ups, offensive-security, bug-bounty-tips09-Apr-2024
Bug Bounty Reports Guptabug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bugs, bug-bounty-reports, bug-zero09-Apr-2024
Bug Hunting Methodology for Beginners Guptabug-bounty-hunter, bug-hunting, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup09-Apr-2024
Information Disclosure: Story of 500€ + 400$ Bounty, penetration-testing, information-technology, cybersecurity, hacking09-Apr-2024
Card Payment Functionality Checklist — Bug Bounty Tuesday, hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, security09-Apr-2024
Mass automation for finding XSS vulnerabilities in large scope targets, cybersecurity, walkthrough, automation, bug-bounty09-Apr-2024
How I Found My First Stored XSS || WAF & Characters Limitation Bypass Gamalbug-bounty-tips, bug-hunting, bug-bounty, waf-bypass, bugbounty-writeup09-Apr-2024
My WordPress Bug Bounty Journey on Patchstack Zhoubug-bounty-program, bug-bounty-hunter, wordpress-security, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty09-Apr-2024
Simple Tips for Bug Bounty Beginners: Finding Blind XSS Vulnerabilities Narayanbug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, xss-attack, cross-site-scripting, cybersecurity09-Apr-2024
15.3 Lab: CORS vulnerability with trusted insecure protocols | 2024 Nagarajsecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, hacking09-Apr-2024
Hunting Bugs and Striking Gold: Forward Calls for Elite Hunters in the Bug Bounty Campaign Protocolblockchain-technology, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-hunter, web3, blockchain-developer09-Apr-2024
Is Your Business a Sitting Duck for Credit Card Hackers? Here’s How PCI DSS Can Save You! Kunnelthazhe Binucybersecurity, payment-gateway, bug-bounty, hacking, bug-bounty-tips08-Apr-2024
Google Bug Hunters Guptabug-hunter, bug-bounty-writeup, google, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips08-Apr-2024
Unleashing the Power of Bug Bounty Dorks: A Comprehensive Guide Guptagoogle, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, google-dork, bug-zero08-Apr-2024
How I Got Multiple Privilege Escalations — The Easy Trick? Abdul Rahmanwin-privilege-escalation, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, privilege-escalation08-Apr-2024
Hacking Swisscom’s End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage for $4,000 Houhouweb-security, hacking, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity08-Apr-2024
XSS on out of scope domain? CORS is your secret weapon!, bug-bounty-tips, hackerone, xss-attack, cors08-Apr-2024
Breaking Free: 26 Advanced Techniques to Escape Docker Containers, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, kubernetes, docker08-Apr-2024
15.2 Lab: CORS vulnerability with trusted null origin | 2024 Nagarajpenetration-testing, hacking, cybersecurity, careers, bug-bounty08-Apr-2024
Why You Should Attend Cybersecurity Conferences: Unlock Opportunities Sharmanetworking, information-security, cybersecurity, conference, bug-bounty07-Apr-2024
How to Start Your Journey into Cybersecurity in 2024 (or how I did) Connorcybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, tryhackme, hackthebox07-Apr-2024
How to Start Your Journey into Cybersecurity in 2024 (or how I did) C0nn0rcybersecurity, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, tryhackme, hackthebox07-Apr-2024
How Employee can change Manager’s review for him. Dbug-bounty, cybersecurity, hacking, security, bugs07-Apr-2024
Unofficial Guide to OWASP Top 10:2021 Rahman Chypentesting, web-security, bug-bounty, hacking, infosec07-Apr-2024
TryHackMe CTF: Vulnversity — Walkthrough Patilsoftware-development, computer-science, hacking, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty07-Apr-2024
Mastering CORS: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Cross-origin resource sharing Vulnerabilities |… Nagarajhacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, security, penetration-testing07-Apr-2024
How We Found a 25K$ Bug in a Blockchain Project by Mistake | Bounty Hunting Journey Ernstblockchain, exploitation, web3, bug-bounty, icon-foundation07-Apr-2024
IDOR Leads To Account Takeover Sawantidor, account-takeover, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, web-application-security07-Apr-2024
How Did I Find Reflected XSS In Domino’s ?, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, xss-attack, web-security07-Apr-2024
File Upload Vulnerability Checklist, bug-bounty, web-penetration-testing, vapt, file-upload-vulnerability07-Apr-2024
Bug Bounties in Web3: Investing in Security for Sustainable Growth Karunaratneweb3, defi-security, bug-bounty, web3-security07-Apr-2024
Teaching Spotify a Cryptography Lesson Guyopenid-connect, blue-team, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips07-Apr-2024
Finding CSRF on Graphql Application, graphql, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, csrf7-Apr-2024
The Fast and the Curious: Finding a Race Condition in Worldcoin Sherretsbug-bounty, bug-fixes, bug-bounty-tips, blockchain, hacking7-Apr-2024
“Fortify Your Cyber Space: Embark on the Dominant Cyber Boot Camp Journey” Muhammad Minhal Rizvihacking, writeup, cyber, bug-bounty, cybersecurity7-Apr-2024
Host Header Manipulation Leading to Unauthorized Access to Apple’s Internal Slack bot (Bug Bounty) Aboudbug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips07-Apr-2024
This Cryptocurrency exchange paid me $200 for reporting vulnerability in their website singh ( a6h1)cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, vulnerability, bug-hunting, bug-bounty07-Apr-2024
Wordfence otorga su mayor bounty hasta la fecha Cincuenta Monoswordpress, cybersecurity, bug-bounty06-Apr-2024
Recon automation with Telegram Notification, hacker, bug-bounty, reconnaissance, hacking06-Apr-2024
How To Fix bWAPP Unknown Database Error Windows/Linux Avvanbwapp, php, ethical-hacking, bug-fixes, bug-bounty06-Apr-2024
Easiest way to find Broken links in a website, easy-bug-to-find, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, broken-link-hijacking06-Apr-2024
Advanced XSS Discovery: Streamlining Your Attack Strategy with Cutting-Edge Automation Tools, xss-attack, methodology, bug-bounty, hacking06-Apr-2024
14.6 Lab: SameSite Strict bypass via sibling domain | 2024 Nagarajcareers, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking06-Apr-2024
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Account takeover through password reset functionality
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Evaluate, apply, and sustain security governance principles !, information-technology, cissp, bug-bounty, cybersecurity19-Mar-2024
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Finding the hidden function led to a $300 IDOR, bug-bounty, hacking, hacker, security19-Mar-2024
CVE-2024–28436 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in D-Link DAP Products, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-writeup19-Mar-2024
IDOR to read all user’s private route comments M Raghibcybersecurity, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips19-Mar-2024
Get allmost all subdomains Petrukhinsubdomain, bug-bounty, subdomains-enumeration, bug-bounty-tips19-Mar-2024
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The Art Of Unveiling Logs for Sensitive Data In Android Applications (The Offensive Security Way), bug-bounty, application-security, penetration-testing, bug-bounty-tips19-Mar-2024
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[Bug Bounty]xlsx 上传导致 XXE 漏洞
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Exploring Bug Bounty Hunting as a Promising Career Choice for Cybersecurity Professionals, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, client-security, cyber15-Mar-2024
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Utilizing Log Poisoning: Elevating from LFI to RCE Abbidabug-bounty, hackthebox, local-file-inclusion, hackthebox-writeup, cybersecurity12-Mar-2024
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HTML INJECTION (Payload List), bugs, html, injection, htmlinput11-Mar-2024
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3 Information Disclosure in Bug Bounty Program, cybersecurity, programming, data-science11-Mar-2024
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24.4 Lab: Exploiting server-side parameter pollution in a query string | 2024 Nagarajhacking, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, careers11-Mar-2024
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HackTheBox — Information Gathering: Passive Enumeration Phupassive-reconnaissance, hackthebox, information-gathering, bug-bounty11-Mar-2024
Vulnerability Vault: Breaking Down SSRF — Server Side Request Forgery (Part 2) Sharmahacking, cybersecurity, ssrf, bug-bounty, vulnerability10-Mar-2024
The Reset Password Attack Vector
How I get My First $$$$ Bounty?, hacking, bug-bounty10-Mar-2024
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Untangling Dependency Confusion: Exploring Threats and Protections Douvillenpm, bug-bounty, hacking, hackerone09-Mar-2024
24.2 Lab: Finding and exploiting an unused API endpoint | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, hacking, careers, bug-bounty, penetration-testing09-Mar-2024
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24.1 Lab: Exploiting an API endpoint using documentation | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, security, careers, hacking, bug-bounty08-Mar-2024
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1K Followers Giveaway-, giveaway, free, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking08-Mar-2024
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Click, Intercept, Hack: Checkmate on Access Control Vulnerability H Hmaidycybersecurity, web-security, ethical-hacking, penetration-testing, bug-bounty07-Mar-2024
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echo “Hello, World” Robots.txtsoc, blue-team, cybersecurity, red-team, bug-bounty07-Mar-2024
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How to find server security misconfiguration leak data users Omarbug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bugcrowd, bugs, web-pen-testing07-Mar-2024
How I found Reflected XSS which leads to Account Takeover on an E-commerce website, infosec-write-ups, reflected-xss07-Mar-2024
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Host Header Poison lead to account takeover hackorbounty-program, bugs, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty06-Mar-2024
[] SOC164 — Suspicious Mshta Behavior Ramadinitryhackme, bug-bounty, indonesia, letsdefendio, ctf-writeup06-Mar-2024
[] SOC169 — Possible IDOR Attack Detected Ramadinictf-writeup, bug-bounty, tryhackme, letsdefendio, indonesia06-Mar-2024
[] SOC168 — Whoami Command Detected in Request Body Ramadinibug-bounty, tryhackme, indonesia, letsdefendio, ctf-writeup06-Mar-2024
[] SOC170 — Passwd Found in Requested URL — Possible LFI Attack Ramadiniletsdefendio, bug-bounty, tryhackme, ctf-writeup, indonesia06-Mar-2024
Apa Itu Kriptografi? Enkripsi, Encoding, Dan Hashing Ramadinipentesting, tryhackme, indonesia, cybersecurity, bug-bounty06-Mar-2024
How i bypassed input limitations to get Admin ATO Eladly ( 0x3adly )cybersecurity, web-penetration-testing, xss-attack, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips06-Mar-2024
Microsoft Exchange Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, blackhat, rce-vulnerability, cybersecurity, cyberattack06-Mar-2024
At age of 18, How I got first “Future” Job Offer from Korean MNC through bug bounties Sanghviethical-hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, job-offer06-Mar-2024
Vulnerable WordPress February 2024 (Jushin Castle), cybersecurity, security, infosec, wordpress06-Mar-2024
Data Lake introduces the second bug bounty campaign of its patients recruitment Application Lakebug-bounty, medical-data, research, data-lake, desci06-Mar-2024
How I Passed eWPTX v2 Exam Without Courseware Sawanthacking, penetration-testing, certification, bug-bounty, security06-Mar-2024
12.4 Lab: Exploiting NoSQL operator injection to extract unknown fields | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, cybersecurity, hacking, careers, penetration-testing06-Mar-2024
Upload Backdoor in profile picture and OTP Bypass, technology, bug-hunting, bounty-program, programming06-Mar-2024
Story of Lock up users’ account by DOS attack cost $1,100, hacking, bug-bounty, security, bug-bounty-tips06-Mar-2024
Uncovering Host Header Injection Vulnerabilities in 5 Apex Domain Hosts, bug-hunting, hacking, white-hat-hacker, bug-bounty05-Mar-2024
Bug-Bounty Beginning (Day-1) Prasanna Gopal Volisettybug-bounty, kali-linux, hacking-tools, hacking05-Mar-2024
XXEs are lurking in unexpected places and you'll find these vulnerabilities almost everywhere Giribug-bounty-tips, web-vulnerabilities, bug-bounty05-Mar-2024
How I Found Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities Using Unknown Techniques, hacking, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity05-Mar-2024
Tips Melakukan Analisa Email Phishing Ramadinicybersecurity, indonesia, soc-analyst, tryhackme, bug-bounty05-Mar-2024
12.3 Lab: Exploiting NoSQL injection to extract data | 2024 Nagarajhacking, bug-bounty, careers, cybersecurity, security05-Mar-2024
Apa Itu OSI Model? Protokol Dan Enkapsulasi Tiap Layernya Ramadinisoc-analyst, tryhackme, cybersecurity, indonesia, bug-bounty05-Mar-2024
Apa Itu TCP, UDP, Dan Three-way Handsh Ramadinisoc-analyst, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, indonesia, tryhackme05-Mar-2024
Road Map to Bug Bounty: A Beginner’s Guide Ali Jamaliinformation-security, cyber, hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty05-Mar-2024
5 Tips GoogleDocks you should know — Bug Bounty Tuesday, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, programming, security5-Mar-2024
#9.TryHackMe Series writeups-LazyAdmin M!ndwalkthrough, lazy-admin, tryhackme-writeup, tryhackme, bug-bounty05-Mar-2024
Unauthorized access to Facebook creator’s professional dashboard Mänôzfacebook, medium, graphql, bug-bounty, writeup05-Mar-2024
My Recon Methodology (ep 1) Materbug-bounty, recon, osint05-Mar-2024
Knock, Knock. Who’s there? SSRF! SSRF who? Redirect SSRF!, cybersecurity, hacking, ssrf05-Mar-2024
Payload will after you sanujsql-injection, second-order-attack, pentesting, web-app-exploits, bug-bounty05-Mar-2024
HTTP Request Smuggling: WWWWWH?, pentesting, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, application-security05-Mar-2024
The Danger of PHP Eval(): Roybug-bounty, php, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, ctf05-Mar-2024
Hacking the UK government ( FULL database access ) Mansourcomputer-science, bug-bounty, hacking, pentesting, cybersecurity05-Mar-2024
BAC Leads To Full Takeover Of Any Organisation Saiedbug-bounty, broken-access-control, idor, bugcrowd, cybersecurity05-Mar-2024
Information Disclosure — Instructor’s Email Address leaked in Response Hidayahinfo-sec-writeups, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, information-disclosure, infosec-write-ups04-Mar-2024
OTP Bypass Via Response Manipulation Raobug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup04-Mar-2024
the Intricacies of WiFi Hacking, cybersecurity, hacking, wifi, programming04-Mar-2024
Apa Itu Cyber Kill Chain Dalam Cyber Security Ramadinitryhackme, soc-analyst, indonesia, bug-bounty, cybersecurity04-Mar-2024
Apa Itu Pyramid Of Pain Dalam Cyber Security Ramadinitryhackme, indonesia, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, soc-analyst04-Mar-2024
It assignment helper Ranajavascript, money, bug-bounty, software-development, bug-bounty-tips04-Mar-2024
My Report Summaries #1: Project manager can see & download all users’ login history at redacted app…, bug-bounty, idor, cybersecurity04-Mar-2024
Come diventare un hacker nel 2024, penetration-testing, google, bug-bounty, hacking04-Mar-2024
11.8 Lab: Exploiting XXE via image file upload | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, cybersecurity, careers, hacking, penetration-testing04-Mar-2024
Simple vulnerability in a Cyber Security conference Samiasecurity, ethical-hacking, bugs, bug-bounty04-Mar-2024
The Ethics of Bug Bounties: Balancing Incentives and Security Giribug-fixes, bug-bounty-tips, ethical-hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty03-Mar-2024
Recently Discovered Several Bugs in a Private Program Biswasbug-bounty, bugs, idor-vulnerability, information-disclosure, bug-bounty-tips03-Mar-2024
Google Dorking aka “Google Hacking”, google-hacking, penetration-testing, bug-bounty03-Mar-2024
PHP Session Poisoning using LFI. Abbidahackerone, bug-bounty, bugcrowd, php, vulnerability03-Mar-2024
Discovered potential SQL injection through parameter testing Nandkarbug-bounty-tips, ethical-hacking, sql-injection, bug-bounty, cybersecurity03-Mar-2024
11.7 Lab: Exploiting XInclude to retrieve files | 2024 Nagarajpenetration-testing, bug-bounty, careers, hacking, cybersecurity03-Mar-2024
Sneak Peek: Mastering Blind SQL Injection with SQLMap and Manual Techniques (CVE-2023–6063) Beckpenetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, oscp03-Mar-2024
Magic Links as Gateways Account Takeovers Allam (sl4x0)magic-link, account-takeover, bug-bounty, web-security, pentesting03-Mar-2024
HBO BUB in production. Can’t UNsubscribe, max, hbo-max, hbo, bugs03-Mar-2024
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the Power of Twitter OSINT, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, threat-intelligence, hacking02-Mar-2024 Bin Bashfrontend, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, pentesting02-Mar-2024
the Power of Twitter OSINT, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, threat-intelligence, hacking02-Mar-2024
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Unveiling the Secrets: SSRF Adventures in Microsoft’s AI Playground Habtibug-bounty, microsoft, security, ai, artificial-intelligence02-Mar-2024
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What is RedTeaming ?, bug-bounty, red-team, cybersecurity, hacking02-Mar-2024
bersecurity11.6 Lab: Exploiting blind XXE to retrieve data via error messages | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, penetration-testing, hacking, cybersecurity, careers02-Mar-2024
How to hack a LTE Router? Just text it! Lachxss-attack, cybersecurity, cve, bug-bounty, zte02-Mar-2024
My first IDOR hunting story, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, bug-bounty02-Mar-2024
XML Injection: Deep Dive Pandeyxml, bug-fixes, injection, bug-bounty, cybersecurity01-Mar-2024
$600 Simple MFA Bypass — Graphql Kumawat (securitycipher)security, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, technology, hacking01-Mar-2024
XSS : A Fight With The WAF, xss-attack, bug-bounty01-Mar-2024
Understanding Cybersecurity: Safeguarding the Digital Realm Hassenbug-bounty, ethereum, cyberattack, cybersecurity01-Mar-2024
11.5 Lab: Exploiting blind XXE to exfiltrate data using a malicious external DTD | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, careers, cybersecurity, hacking, security01-Mar-2024
Retrieving SUI Wallet Passphrase and Private Key without Password Moe Myintbug-bounty, security01-Mar-2024
Medium Bug Bounty on Hacker One — Broken Link Radichelsecurity, bug-bounty, bugs, medium, hackerone29-Feb-2024
Critical vulnerability in Flask AppBuilder — CVE-2024–25128, cybersecurity, flask, bug-bounty, python29-Feb-2024
Version disclosure in headers and response : Security threat Zakeeapplication-security, bug-bounty, cybersecurity29-Feb-2024
Stored XSS on Bug Bounty Program Zhengpenetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty29-Feb-2024
Simple Tips for Bug Bounty Beginners: Finding API Key Leakage Vulnerabilities Narayanbug-bounty-writeup, secure-api-key, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-hunting, bug-bounty29-Feb-2024
How to Excel at CTF Games with Linux Command Line Tools Pericichcybersecurity, linux, terminal, bug-bounty, software-engineering29-Feb-2024
How do I found Blind SSRF on a Hackerone Program!/Subhankarcve, hacking, bug-bounty, ssrf, hackerone29-Feb-2024
Horizontal Privilege Escalation Leads to Bounty mahalebugbounty-tips, hackerone, bounty-program, privilege-escalation, bug-bounty29-Feb-2024
11.4 Lab: Blind XXE with out-of-band interaction via XML parameter entities | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, careers, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, hacking29-Feb-2024
SQL Injection: Beyond ‘OR 1=1’. An iCSI CTF Beckcybersecurity, oscp, bug-bounty, ctf-writeup29-Feb-2024
Authentication Bypass Using Response Manipulation prasadscience, cyber-security-awareness, hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity29-Feb-2024
Maximizing Bug Bounty Earnings with Burp Suite: Essential Tools and Plugins., burpsuite, bug-bounty, burpsuite-extension, bug-bounty-tips29-Feb-2024
First Bug Bounty, bugcrowd, hackerone, bug-bounty, hacking29-Feb-2024
How to find your first XSS vulnerability!!!, xss-vulnerability, hacking, bug-bounty, xss-attack29-Feb-2024
The Reality of Cloud Hacking, bug-bounty, cloud-computing, cloud-hacking, hacking28-Feb-2024
Email verification bypass leads to create unlimited user accounts with what ever email id R Panickertechnology, cybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty, programming28-Feb-2024
symfony profiler kritik təhlükəsizlik açığı $$$ rehimzadekibertəhlükəsizlik, bug-bounty, cybertime28-Feb-2024
Microsoft Azure Cloud Service’s uAMQP Library Flaw and Its Potential for RCE — CVE-2024–27099…, bug-bounty, cloud, azure, cybersecurity28-Feb-2024 Bin Bashcybersecurity, pentesting, bug-bounty28-Feb-2024
Revolutionize Your Bug Hunting: Turbocharges Bug Reporting Stuparbug-bounty, programming, testing, software-engineering, github28-Feb-2024
How do I automate my recon — Part Two, bug-bounty, automation, infosec, reconnaissance28-Feb-2024
Pre-Account Takeover Leading To Broken Access Control Çarıkçıoğlubroken-access-control, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, hacking, penetration-testing28-Feb-2024
cybers11.3 Lab: Blind XXE with out-of-band interaction | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, careers, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, hacking28-Feb-2024
[TOOL GUIDE] Bypass-http a python tool to find 403 & 401 bypass|Reinhardt|cybersecurity-tools, cybersecurity, pentest, bug-bounty28-Feb-2024
Yerel bir DTD’yi yeniden kullanarak kör XXE’den yararlanma, burpsuite, injection, bug-bounty, xxe28-Feb-2024
how i make 6,000$ with jwt manipulation on web3 crypto application ?, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup28-Feb-2024
Hack Stories: Hacking Hackers EP:2, threat-intelligence, hacking, software-development, bug-bounty28-Feb-2024
First bug and bounty R Panickerinfo-sec-writeups, bug-bounty, programming, technology, infosec27-Feb-2024
Jenkins Arbitrary File Reading Vulnerability (CVE-2024–23897) — Bug Bounty Tuesday, bug-bounty, security, cybersecurity, programming27-Feb-2024
Bug Bounty should be a goto solution for your web3 security needs, bug-bounty, web327-Feb-2024
Leak JWT Private Key leads to Bypass Authentication Nguyensecurity, bypass, bug-bounty, jwt-token27-Feb-2024
Finding and exploiting blind XXE vulnerabilities Nagarajhacking, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, careers, bug-bounty27-Feb-2024
Reconnaissance: A Google-Dorking Affair Wpenetration-testing, bug-bounty, reconnaissance, hacking, google-dorking27-Feb-2024
How do you know if someone has opened your email or not? Husanovicbug-bounty, chrome-extension, hacking, programming, cybersecurity27-Feb-2024
Read This If You Still Watch Porn in Google Incognito Mode ⚫, history, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity27-Feb-2024
CVE-2023–40000: How Safe Is Your Internet Box? ️ Conversationscyber-security-awareness, cve, vulnerability, cybersecurity, bug-bounty27-Feb-2024
The Exploitation of Massive Slack Workspaces Registration Vulnerability Sami (analyz3r)bug-bounty, cybersecurity, hackerone27-Feb-2024
Major Security Flaw in ConnectWise ScreenConnect — CVE-2024–1709, cybersecurity, ransomware, bug-bounty, penetration-testing26-Feb-2024
Pwn College — Talking to Web Walkthrough by Karthikeyan Nagaraj Nagarajbug-bounty, cybersecurity, hacking, security, careers26-Feb-2024
This is How I Received My Acknowledgement from Microsoft Rahumanmicrosoft, cybersecurity, hall-of-fame, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips26-Feb-2024
Hunting for Hidden Parameters in Burp Suite Matthewhidden-parameters, bug-bounty, burpsuite, red-team, owasp26-Feb-2024
Lakshya CTF 2k24 by pict cyber cell Patilctf-writeup, bug-bounty, ctf, engineering, hacking26-Feb-2024
How I Found Xss In A Inactive Hackerone Program With My Mobile Raghavbug-bounty-tips, technology, blockchain, bug-bounty, cybersecurity26-Feb-2024
Glider: Revolutionizing Web3 Auditing and Security Analysis's Notesbug-bounty, solidity, smart-contracts, dapps, blockchain26-Feb-2024
Hacking Android Apps With Frida Keeleysecurity, pentesting, bug-bounty, android, hacking26-Feb-2024
Html-Injection [ Bug Bounty ] Hashibur Rahmanbug-bounty25-Feb-2024
Create Your Own File Extension, file-extension, bug-bounty, programming, information-technology25-Feb-2024
Business Logic Error in the Comment Section of a Porn site, cybersecurity, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, penetration-testing25-Feb-2024
CRLF injection, bug-bounty, web-security, crlf-injection25-Feb-2024
The Story of How I Hacked a Website with a Simple Stored XSS Payload (And How Bugcrowd Turned Me…, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, vulnerability25-Feb-2024
I took over 10 Million Accounts, Easy API Hacking, bug-bounty-writeup, api, hacking, cybersecurity25-Feb-2024
Beyond the Wall: Bypassing OTP, WAF, and 403 for exploiting a SQL Injection, 403-bypass, bug-bounty, waf-bypass, sql-injection25-Feb-2024
10.5 Lab: Blind SSRF with out-of-band detection | 2024 Nagarajhacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, security, careers25-Feb-2024
The Aspida Bug Bounty Program, lsdfi, blockchain, staking, bug-bounty24-Feb-2024
Best Approach to active Directory: 2 Singhai Jainpenetration-testing, windows, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, active-directory24-Feb-2024
Explaining and exploiting open redirect vulnerabilities, web-security, bug-bounty, web-application-security, web-hacking24-Feb-2024
How I Got $5,000 for Out-of-Scope XSS Hamed (7odamoo)bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, pentesting24-Feb-2024
Ethernaut Challenge Level 16: Solution (Preservation) Nagarsolidity, blockchain, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, ethernaut24-Feb-2024
Bypass Rate Limits on authentication endpoints like a pro………! Sharmaprogramming, rate-limiting, api, cybersecurity, bug-bounty24-Feb-2024
10.4 Lab: SSRF with filter bypass via open redirection vulnerability | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, careers, security, bug-bounty, hacking24-Feb-2024
How i was able to hack over 10 million websites using BAC : broken access controle ., bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, hacking23-Feb-2024
How Automation Detected Default Admin Credential Worth $500, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bugbounty-writeup, cybersecurity23-Feb-2024
Shodan - “Unauthorized access to setup panel”, web-application-security, bug-hunting, cybersecurity, bug-bounty23-Feb-2024
10.3 Lab: SSRF with blacklist-based input filter | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, security, careers, hacking, bug-bounty23-Feb-2024
From CRLF Injection to XSS: Elevating the Stakes in Apple iTunes Security Mohamedcrlf, infosec, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, xs23-Feb-2024
Unveiling Bug Bounties: Balancing the Scale of Application Security Katare, CISSPbug-bounty, vulnerability, bugs23-Feb-2024
Hacking Web Meeting/Webinar App Patelinformation-security, ethical-hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty23-Feb-2024
A Pen worth 80K (BBP#2) Raopenetration-testing, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, application-security, linux23-Feb-2024
How I Got 1-Click ATO through self-XSS Eladly ( 0x3adly )bug-bounty, csrf, penetration-testing, cross-site-scripting, bug-bounty-tips22-Feb-2024
Disclose assigned apps of any facebook user Mänôzbug-bounty, graphql, facebook-bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, infosec22-Feb-2024
IDOR: The Simple Switch, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, web-application-security, penetration-testing22-Feb-2024
How To Report a Vulnerability which is not a part of the VDP Program?, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, hacking, blog22-Feb-2024
HTTP-Only Sessions: No Problem? ATO Still Lurks via XSS! Magedbug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, xss-attack, cybersecurity, infosec22-Feb-2024
Mastering BetterCap: A Beginner’s Guide to Network Attacks and Monitoring, cybersecurity, reconnaissance, network-security, bettercap22-Feb-2024
Exploiting XSS to Perform CSRF I Amstored-xss, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, portswigger-lab, cross-site-scripting22-Feb-2024
How I logged into user accounts with no information Samiasecurity, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty22-Feb-2024
Using Wayback And DNS rebinding For SSRF
Exploit Development: Classic Buffer Overflows, hacking, bug-bounty, tryhackme, cybersecurity22-Feb-2024
Hack The Box Certified Bug Bounty Hunter (CBBH) Review Poupeneybug-bounty, pentesting, hackin, cbbh, hackthebox22-Feb-2024
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Absolute Beginners Guide For Finding P4 Bugs (With Real Example!)-Part 2, cybersecurity, cyberattack, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips21-Feb-2024
10 Kesalahan Coding Yang Membuat Aplikasi Kurang Aman Ramadiniprogramming, cybersecurity, cyber-security-awareness, coding, bug-bounty21-Feb-2024
Understanding Wazuh, siem, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, wazuh21-Feb-2024
Bug bounty writeup : 2F/OTP Bypass on Registeration via Response manipulation, ethical-hacking, bugbounty-writeup, cybersecurity21-Feb-2024
9.5 Lab: Exploiting time-sensitive vulnerabilities | 2024 Nagarajcareers, bug-bounty, security, hacking, cybersecurity21-Feb-2024
Critical Vulnerabilities in VMware EAP Uncovered — Unraveling CVE-2024–22245, programming, bug-bounty, vmware, cybersecurity21-Feb-2024
This is the easiest bug you can find right now., bug-bounty, programming, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity21-Feb-2024
Critical Vulnerabilities in VMware EAP Uncovered — Unraveling CVE-2024–22245, programming, bug-bounty, vmware, cybersecurity21-Feb-2024
9.4 Lab: Single-endpoint race conditions | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, security, careers, cybersecurity, hacking20-Feb-2024
Apa Itu Cross Site Scripting? Jenis, Dampak, Dan Pencegahannya Ramadinicybersecurity, xss-attack, pentesting, cyber-security-awareness, bug-bounty20-Feb-2024
My Unbelievable Hack into HR Admin — A Bug Bounty Tale!!! Gajbhiyebugcrowd, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, hackerone20-Feb-2024
Hou I Discovering the Origin IP In Bug Bounty — Bug Bounty Tuesday, technology, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, programming20-Feb-2024
How I Discovering the Origin IP In Bug Bounty — Bug Bounty Tuesday, technology, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, programming20-Feb-2024
Breach the Build: Exploiting Jenkins (CVE-2024–23897) Beckoscp, cybersecurity, ctf-writeup, bug-bounty20-Feb-2024
How easy it is to find Private Info on Google Dissanayakecybersecurity, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, osint20-Feb-2024
Response Manipulation leads to Bypassing the OTP email verification, bug-bounty20-Feb-2024
Day 14 Bug Bounty Challenge — Found $1000 Stored XSS Duttabug-bounty, bugbountychallenge, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-writeup19-Feb-2024
9.3 Lab: Multi-endpoint race conditions | 2024 Nagarajcybersecurity, security, bug-bounty, careers, hacking19-Feb-2024
HackTheBox — Monitored, penetration-testing, network-penetration, hackthebox-writeup, hack-the-box-writeup19-Feb-2024
The Ultimate Guide to Top Bug Bounty Platforms in 2024, bug-fixes, bug-bounty-tips, bug-zero, bug-bounty19-Feb-2024
Unlocking Creativity: TCS HackQuest S8 Unveiled — Round 2, ctf-writeup, bug-bounty, reverse-engineering, tcs-hackquest19-Feb-2024
How to Find First Bug (For Beginners), bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, hackerone, bug-bounty19-Feb-2024
Android Architecture Components: Android Pentesting Singh Chouhanpentesting, bug-bounty, hacking, cybersecurity, android19-Feb-2024
Searching industrial infrastructure with Netlas.io, critical-infrastructure, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, information-security19-Feb-2024
Absolute Beginners Guide For Finding P4 Bugs -Part 1, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-program, bug-bounty19-Feb-2024
Dorking-Pentesting: Create Your Own Automated Pentesting Tools, bug-bounty, python, penetration-testing, google19-Feb-2024
Web Cache Poisoing leads to ATO (Account takeover), bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, web-security19-Feb-2024
Apa Itu Security Operation Center (SOC) Ramadinipentesting, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, soc-analyst, ethical-hacking18-Feb-2024
HackTheBox — SQLMap Essentials Phuweb-application-security, bug-bounty, sql, hackthebox18-Feb-2024
Introduction to API Testing — API Discovery and Interaction Phuapi, bug-bounty, web-application-security, api-testing18-Feb-2024
Introduction to API Testing — Reconnaissance Phuweb-application-security, api-testing, api, bug-bounty18-Feb-2024
Easy automation of bug bounty using Ethred, bug-bounty, web-security, bugbounty-tips, hacking18-Feb-2024
My New Tool For Information Finding Raghavdata-science, bug-bounty-tips, programming, bug-bounty, technology18-Feb-2024
Introduction to API Testing — Server-Side Parameter Pollution Phuweb-application-security, api, api-testing, bug-bounty18-Feb-2024
Introduction to API Testing — Mass Assignment vulnerabilities Phuweb-application-security, api-testing, api, bug-bounty18-Feb-2024
Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting to Capture Passwords I Amcybersecurity, cross-site-scripting, portswigger-lab, bug-bounty, stored-xss18-Feb-2024
9.2 Lab: Bypassing rate limits via race conditions | 2024 Nagarajcareers, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, secuity, hacking18-Feb-2024
PortSwigger — LAB-6 Remote code execution via polyglot web shell upload (Bug Bounty Prep)[by…, ethical-hacking, portswigger, web-app-security, bug-bounty18-Feb-2024
Open a link, and your Wi-Fi password is changed. Husanovichacking, cybersecurity, programming, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips18-Feb-2024
Detecting and exploiting limit overrun race conditions with Turbo Intruder Nagarajcareers, cybersecurity, hacking, security, bug-bounty17-Feb-2024
0Day SQLi Discovered during internal PenTesting Researchbug-bounty, exploitation, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips, 0day17-Feb-2024
Mengintip database Website Bimbel di Indonesia Benhurpentesting, web-security, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty17-Feb-2024
How much longer must we dwell, with W-S-D-L? Walkerbug-bounty, poetry, web-development, creative-writing, hacking17-Feb-2024
PortSwigger — LAB -4 Web shell upload via extension blacklist bypass (Bug Bounty Prep)[by…, portswigger, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, file-upload-vulnerability17-Feb-2024
weird bug using fake id via photoshop worth $***, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips, infosec17-Feb-2024
PortSwigger — LAB-5 Web shell upload via obfuscated file extension (Bug Bounty Prep)[by…, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking, web-app-security17-Feb-2024
Harnessing Microsoft Copilot as a Cybersecurity Advisor, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, information-security, microsoft-copilot17-Feb-2024
Demystifying HTTP Request Smuggling: Detection to Exploitation, owasp, bug-bounty-tips, pentesting, ethical-hacking17-Feb-2024
GitHub Recon- For Finding Sensitive Information, bug-bounty-writeup, sensitive-data-exposure, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty17-Feb-2024
How do I automate my recon — Part One, reconnaissance, automation, bash, bug-bounty17-Feb-2024
The Unseen 0-Click Threat Lurking in Your Inbox: CVE-2024–21413 Explained, cybersecurity, microsoft-outlook, bug-bounty, rce17-Feb-2024
Hacking the Dutch Government, hacking, bug-bounty17-Feb-2024
MonikerLink Meltdown: Demystifying CVE-2024–21413 and Dodging Outlook’s Booby Trap Cyber Tornadoinformation-security, microsoft, vapt, cybersecurity, bug-bounty17-Feb-2024
The Importance of Sharing Cybersecurity Knowledge on Reading Platforms, infosec, hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty16-Feb-2024
Researcher’s Experience — Bug Bounty Program Learningbug-bounty, security, research, cybersecurity16-Feb-2024
GitHub Enterprise Server vulns Radsecurity, github, bug-bounty16-Feb-2024
Windows Defender SmartScreen Vulnerability: CVE-2024–21412 Exposes Financial Traders to…, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, vulnerability, malware16-Feb-2024
Mastering Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Risks, Detection, and Prevention, xss-attack, bug-bounty, programming, xss-vulnerability16-Feb-2024
Mastering SQLMap: A Comprehensive Guide for Cybersecurity Enthusiasts, programming, cybersecurity, sql-injection, bug-bounty16-Feb-2024
Guide: ProjectDiscovery’s cvemap to nuclei template mapping., bug-bounty, bash, penetration-testing16-Feb-2024
My First Account Takeover Via Password Reset Poisoning, bug-bounty, pentesting, account-takeover, offensive-security16-Feb-2024
Mastering Manual SQL Injection: A Comprehensive Guide for Cybersecurity Enthusiasts, cybersecurity, sql, programming, bug-bounty16-Feb-2024
The Posemesh Avalanche C-Chain Bug Bounty Program Labsbug-bounty, auki-labs, avalanche, posemesh, blockchain16-Feb-2024
Mastering CSRF: A Comprehensive Guide to Cross-Site Request Forgery, programming, csrf, cybersecurity, bug-bounty16-Feb-2024
8.6 Lab: Remote code execution via polyglot web shell upload | 2024 Nagarajhacking, cybersecurity, security, careers, bug-bounty16-Feb-2024
how i made easy information disclosure bugs in graphql, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, web-security, hacking16-Feb-2024
Bypassing Captcha, web-security, penetration-testing, hacking, bug-bounty-tips15-Feb-2024
The Rise of Large Language Models and the Evolution of Programming: A Thesis on Prompt… Levy Eyo Jrcybercrime, cryptography, bug-bounty, cyber-security-awareness, black-hat-202115-Feb-2024
The Game-Changing Magic of RCE [Cybersecurity], hacking, cybersecurity, information-security, rce15-Feb-2024
Account Takeover [It Looked Secure at First] Vladcybersecurity, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, infosec, pentesting15-Feb-2024
Github Dorking: A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Secrets in Repositories, github, cybersecurity, github-dorking, bug-bounty15-Feb-2024
8.5 Lab: Web shell upload via obfuscated file extension | 2024 Nagarajcareers, hacking, security, bug-bounty, cybersecurity15-Feb-2024
Portswigger — Command Injection All Labs Walkthrough(Bug Bounty Prep)[by dollarboysushil], command-injection, bug-bounty, ethical-hacking, portswigger15-Feb-2024
HTML Injection in Mail BOX!/Subhankarhtml-injection, hackerone, hacking, bug-bounty15-Feb-2024
Edu-Hack: How a Simple Request Compromised Entire Classrooms Users Aminbug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity, web-security, bug-bounty, penetration-testing15-Feb-2024
Behind the Screen: The Forgotten Password Feature That Almost Failed Us, bugsbounty, penetration-testing, information-security, bug-bounty15-Feb-2024
The effectiveness of employing BChecks to uncover significant secrets Mohamedsecrets, bug-bounty, bugswagger, cybersecurity, penetration-testing15-Feb-2024
Magic No More: Exposing Flaws in Magic Link Authentication, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, bugswagger, information-security15-Feb-2024
Stored XSS with HTTP only Session Cookies, website, security, web-development, bug-bounty15-Feb-2024
CVE-2024–24142 Exploitation & PoC Researchpenetration-testing, cybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips15-Feb-2024
open redirect using homographs, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, open-redirect, web-hacking14-Feb-2024
Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting to Steal Cookies I Amcross-site-scripting, cybersecurity, portswigger-lab, xss-attack, bug-bounty14-Feb-2024
THIS IS HOW I FOUND FOUR VULNERABLILITY IN 45 MINUTES Raghavbug-bounty, blockchain, technology, bug-bounty-tips, cybersecurity14-Feb-2024
Portswigger — Path Traversal All Labs Walkthrough(Bug Bounty Prep)[by dollarboysushil], web-security, path-traversal, ethical-hacking, portswigger14-Feb-2024
How I was able to hack my college’s website with number of IDORs and CORS Misconfigurations, web-hacking, bug-bounty, idor14-Feb-2024
GMX V1 Bug Disclosure., bug-bounty, cryptocurrency14-Feb-2024
8.4 Lab: Web shell upload via extension blacklist bypass | 2024 Nagarajcareers, security, hacking, bug-bounty, cybersecurity14-Feb-2024
A Journey through Reconnaissance to MySQL Server Access in the Gaming Realm, bug-bounty, reconnaissance, bug-bounty-tips, hacking14-Feb-2024
The Hidden Dangers Lurking in NTLM Authentication (Cybersecurity), hacking, cybersecurity, authentication, bug-bounty13-Feb-2024
Introducing M:N Hybrid Threading in Go: Unveiling the Power of Goroutines, tutorial, multithreading, bug-bounty, golang13-Feb-2024
Best tools you must have to look at for penetration testing., hacking, cybersecurity, cybe, bug-bounty13-Feb-2024
Memory vulnerabilities: Buffer and integer overflows, memory leak, and pointer dereferencing, bug-bounty, null-pointer-dereference, memory-improvement13-Feb-2024
Cross-site and server-side request forgeries (CSRF and SSRF), ssrf, csrf, bug-bounty, hackerone13-Feb-2024
Cross-site scripting, ctf-writeup, hackerone, xss-attack, bug-bounty13-Feb-2024
Program Misuse and Privilege Escalation — PWN COLLEGE A T M A Npwn, pentesting, challenge, hacking, bug-bounty13-Feb-2024
Unauthenticated Jira CVEs Check List — Bug Tuesday, cybersecurity, technology, information-security, bug-bounty13-Feb-2024
Email Triggering Leads to Rs1000 Amazon voucher, web-application-security, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, hacking13-Feb-2024
curity8.3 Lab: Web shell upload via path traversal | 2024 Nagarajsecurity, hacking, cybersecurity, careers, bug-bounty13-Feb-2024
Program Misuse and Privilege Escalation — PWN COLLEGE A T M A Npwn, pentesting, challenge, hacking, bug-bounty13-Feb-2024
Comprehensive Guide to Pentesting Methodology: From Zero to Hero, technology, cybersecurity, penetration-testing, pentesting13-Feb-2024
Mastering Nmap: A Comprehensive Guide for Network Discovery and Security Auditing, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, networking, nmap13-Feb-2024
Program Misuse and Privilege Escalation — PWN COLLEGE A T M A Npwn, pentesting, challenge, hacking, bug-bounty13-Feb-2024
How I Found a Reflected XSS at NASA, securit, bugbounty-tips, bug-bounty, security-services12-Feb-2024
Most easiest bug in login page : Session Fixation Raghavcybersecurity, blockchain, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, technology12-Feb-2024
IDOR (Insecure direct object reference) pada Website Jual Beli Indonesia Benhurwriteup, bug-bounty, idor12-Feb-2024
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Cyber Espionage Unveiled: The Dutch Defense Under Siege by Chinese Hackers, chinese, bug-bounty, cyberattack, cybersecurity09-Feb-2024
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E: Package ‘libgtkglext1’ has no installation candidate | anydesk : Depends: libgtkglext1 but it is… Dagaleinformation-technology, bug-bounty, kali-linux, information-security, programming09-Feb-2024
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OWASP TOP 10 2021:, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty, sql-injection, owasp24-Jan-2024
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Avedia Player r9300 Vulnerabilities Mweb-development, cve, bug-bounty, hacking, exploit24-Jan-2024
5.5 Low-level logic flaw in Business logic vulnerabilities | 2024 Nagarajbug-bounty, cybersecurity, careers, hacking, security24-Jan-2024
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IDOR Allowing to Place Other Students in Exam Sessions, cybersecurity, idor, bug-bounty-writeup, ethical-hacking24-Jan-2024
Response Manipulation Lead To Premium Feature By Normal User Reward of $500 badawiweb-application-security, bug-bounty-tips, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup24-Jan-2024
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Exploiting SSRF in PDF HTML Injection: Basic and Blind, ssrf, hacking, web-app-security, pentesting21-Jan-2024
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Securing AWS: Understanding EC2 IMDS Vulnerabilities and Learning from the Capital One Breach, aws-s3, cybersecurity, aws, bug-bounty20-Jan-2024
Login DoS — That requires simply sending a lot of specially crafted requests Sudhibug-bounty, hackerone, penetration-testing, cybersecurity, web-hacking20-Jan-2024
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1 Program, 4 Business Logic Bugs and Cashing in 2300$. Bankatwalabounty-hunter, information-security, bug-bounty, appreciation, cybersecurity17-Jan-2024
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Forget Blockers, Own Your Freedom: SquareX Sachin Shahbug-bounty, squarex, security, cybersecurity, privacy12-Jan-2024
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Bug Bounty
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you need to learn linux RIGHT NOW!!, cybersecurity, linux, programming, bug-bounty02-Jan-2024
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How I made 7K on Epic Games Bug Bounty, hacking, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips28-Dec-2023
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Out-of-Scope, Not Out-of-Impact: Unveiling Significant Sensitive Information Disclosure Tushalcybersecurity, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, infosec, information-disclosure23-Dec-2023
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Join Any Facebook Group As Deactivated Additional Profile Ricafortfacebook, bug-bounty, facebook-bug-bounty19-Dec-2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Hunting for XSS Vulnerabilities at Scale, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, xs, automation19-Dec-2023
Understanding Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks: Risks, Prevention, and Impact Lit Limitedxss-attack, technology, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, vulnerability18-Dec-2023
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CyberSecurity Day 01 to 100: DAY 08 | A Comprehensive Guide for Novices and Experts For Cyber Securityacsociety, ethical-hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, security-engineer18-Dec-2023
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Horizon Protocol V2 — Hacken Bug Bounty Program Now Live On Testnet Protocolbug-bounty, defi, hacken, derivatives, synthetic-asset18-Dec-2023
Getting Started with Recon Automation using ReNgine on Windows (WSL): Installation Guide Klosereconnaissance, bug-bounty-hunting, automation, bug-bounty, guides-and-tutorials18-Dec-2023
Bug Zero at a Glance [19–30 November] Dharmapriyabug-zero, newsletter, cybersecurity, sri-lanka, bug-bounty17-Dec-2023
Mitel MiCollab AWV Directory Traversal Vulnerability (CVE-2020–11798) Shadowbug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips, vulnerability, directory-traversal17-Dec-2023
Unveiling a Security Flaw: The Divergence of OTP and Link Password Authentication in redacted.com, password-reset, bug-bounty, hackerone17-Dec-2023
XSSRF : The Unholy Matrimony of XSS and SSRF Khancybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty, penetration-testing, money17-Dec-2023
Bug Bounty programmes give people the fear (they shouldn’t) Chacking, cybersecurity, ciso, culture, bug-bounty17-Dec-2023
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Main Methodology 1 | Part 04 | What To Do After Choosing a Target Arorabug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, hacking, infosec, methodology17-Dec-2023
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Mitigating Risks: Securing Symfony Profiler from Unwanted Exposure Shadowbug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, vulnerability16-Dec-2023
Unveiling Vulnerabilities: PHP Debug Bar Exposes Sensitive Information Shadowvulnerability, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty-hunter16-Dec-2023
Self-XSS to Stored XSS, cybersecurity, bug-bounty, xss-attack, bug-bounty-tips16-Dec-2023
Unveiling CVE-2019-11248: A Vulnerability in Kubernetes Shadowbug-bounty, bug-bounty-hunter, bug-bounty-tips, vulnerability, bug-bounty-writeup16-Dec-2023
DOM-based vulnerabilities Thakurpenetration-testing, bug-bounty, hacker, portswigger, burp-suit16-Dec-2023
SSTI gave me T-Shirt + € 50, bug-bounty, bug-hunting, info-sec-writeups, cybersecurity16-Dec-2023
Kakar Security Khan Kakarwebsite-scanning, penetration, security, hacking-world, bug-bounty16-Dec-2023
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HTTP/2 Request Smuggling, https, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity15-Dec-2023
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How I Automatically Discovered SSRF in Hackerone Program, cybersecurity, hacking, ssrf, bug-bounty15-Dec-2023
How I Discovered SSRF on Hackerone Program, bug-bounty, ssrf, hacker, graphql15-Dec-2023
From CloudSec to Application Security, Bug Bounties to Cybersecurity tooling, and More Write-upshacking, conference, bug-bounty, security, information-security15-Dec-2023
One port can be a costly mistake | Attack The Rsync Service in a Private Program Heshamrsync, bug-bounty, fingerprinting, port-scan, hacking15-Dec-2023
How To Explore and Exploit GraphQL [Indonesia] Abug-bounty, web-security, api, penetration-testing, graphql15-Dec-2023
Subdomain Takeover in Azure Trafficmanager for Fun & Profit Tushalbug-bounty, cybersecurity, infosec, subdomain-takeover, bug-bounty-tips15-Dec-2023
Cookie Quest: XSS Admin Assault Beckcybersecurity, programming, penetration-testing, bug-bounty, ctf-writeup14-Dec-2023
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Uncovering an Account Takeover Vulnerability: Auth Bypass via Response Manipulation. kumar.Gcybersecurity, appsec, bug-bounty14-Dec-2023
Remote Code execution at — Compromising logins of Ahold Delhaize USA employees Boumancybersecurity, bug-bounty, rce, hacking, security14-Dec-2023
How I Quickly Discover Bug In Codebase, programming, technology, code-review, cybersecurity14-Dec-2023
How i found a Permanent Denial of Service via Account Lockout: kumar.Gappsec, cybersecurity, bug-bounty14-Dec-2023
How i found a Misconfigured CORS Vulnerability — Unauthorized Cross-Origin Resource Sharing : kumar.Gappsec, cybersecurity, bug-bounty14-Dec-2023
How i found a Password Reset Token Leak via Referer Header: kumar.Gappsec, cybersecurity, bug-bounty14-Dec-2023
Adobe Recap: 2023 Ambassador World Cup Final Four Parkersonhacking, security, bug-bounty, hackathons, security-research14-Dec-2023
Starlink Router Gen 2 is vulnerable to XSS., starlink, exploit, dishy, router14-Dec-2023
VulnLab — SQL Injection series — Bypass Login part 2(Database Collect), cyberattack, pentest-learnings, sql-injection, bug-bounty13-Dec-2023
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), xss-attack, xss-vulnerability, bug-bounty-tips, vulnerability13-Dec-2023
phpinfo() — My First Resolved Bug in HackerOne Farhad Ansarybug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips13-Dec-2023
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A misconfiguration in the password reset process can lead to an account takeover., web-app-pentesting, bug-bounty, web-app-security13-Dec-2023
I found out what my neighbour was looking at on the internet, This is how ? M Sbug-bounty, monitoring, dns, hacking, wifi13-Dec-2023
Day 13 Bug Bounty — 60 days 60 bugs challenge (Found P1!!! Hope it gets accepted) Duttabug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-program, bug-bounty-tips, bugbountychallenge13-Dec-2023
OpenBounty, Shentu’s New Approach in Security Ecosystem Chainbounty-program, bounty-hunter, bug-bounty, web3, cybersecurity12-Dec-2023
Mobile Application Security Testing: Navigating the Digital Landscape Safely Lit Limitedmobile-security, cybersecurity, programming, vapt, bug-bounty12-Dec-2023
I will do Vulnerability Assessment and penetration testing on your website Kumawat (securitycipher)services, bug-bounty, security, cybersecurity, technology12-Dec-2023
Skills Needed For Bug Bounty Desharnaisxss-attack, idor, bug-bounty, account-takeover12-Dec-2023
Duplicate CSRF… Leads to $$$$ aka Shellbreakerhacking, info-sec-writeups, bug-bounty, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips12-Dec-2023
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF), vulnerability, bug-bounty-tips, ssrf, bugs12-Dec-2023
Remote Code Execution (RCE), bugs, vulnerability, rce, bug-bounty12-Dec-2023
Join ARPA’s Bug Bounty Program with Immunefi — Up to $50,000 in Rewards! Officialblockchain, developer, bug-bounty, debugging12-Dec-2023
Easy Admin Access — RVDP (2), hacking, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup12-Dec-2023
One Scheme to Rule Them All: OAuth Account Takeover, bug-bounty, oauth, bug-bounty-tips, account-takeover12-Dec-2023
The launch of incentivized testnet for TribeOne V3, perpetual-contracts, testnet, nft, trading-competition12-Dec-2023
Hacking NASA and Got Hall of Fame, cybersecurity, nasa, ethical-hacking, bug-bounty12-Dec-2023
Build3rs Bug Bounty Program, bug-bounty, blockchain, refis12-Dec-2023
Bug Bounty and Hacking Books You Should Read (Must Read), hacking-books, hacking, cybersecurity, bug-bounty-tips12-Dec-2023
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missing session scopes lead to authentication bypass, bug-bounty, appsec, web-penetration-testing12-Dec-2023
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Next js and Antd Desing css demora milesimos de segundos para carregar na página. Oliveira Gochibug-bounty, antd, next, react11-Dec-2023
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Dollars and Detectives: An Unique way to XSS Mysteries ( Not a Simp one ) for a $150 Reward Khanmoney, ai, cybersecurity, hacking, bug-bounty11-Dec-2023
Say Goodbye to Password Hassles with These Cutting-Edge Security Trends!, information-security, cybersecurity, passwordless, passwords11-Dec-2023
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Kubernetes CR injection technique, custom-resource, bug-bounty, kubernetes-security10-Dec-2023
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Bug bounty training from scratch(part2->lesson6): kumar.Gnetworking, computer-science, appsec, bug-bounty10-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch(part2->lesson5): kumar.Gbug-bounty, networking, computer-science, appsec10-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch(part2->lesson4): kumar.Gbug-bounty, networking, computer-science, appsec10-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch(part2->lesson3): kumar.Gnetworking, bug-bounty, computer-science, appsec10-Dec-2023
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Bug bounty training from scratch(part2->lesson1) : kumar.Gnetwork-engineering, computer-science, appsec, bug-bounty10-Dec-2023
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HTTP Noir: The Dark Art of Smuggling Bytes DATTAsecurity, http-request-smuggling, hacking, bug-bounty, network09-Dec-2023
Broken Link Hijacking, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips, bugbounty-writeup08-Dec-2023
Testing vulnerabilities beyond traditional cases — around login/signup features, bug-bounty-tips, penetration-testing, pentesting, bug-bounty08-Dec-2023
#4 Install Burp’s CA Certificate in Firefox — Guide for Burp Suite Kumawat (securitycipher)technology, security, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, cybersecurity08-Dec-2023
Enum is the key — Automatizado + Manual = Full shell. Olivares 0x4lexkali-linux, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, hacking, pentesting08-Dec-2023
PEARfection: From LFI to RCI: An iCSI CTF Challenge. Beckbug-bounty, penetration-testing, ctf-writeup, cybersecurity08-Dec-2023
Unraveling The Story of Multiple Admin Panel Compromises Tekaleinformation-security, recon, bug-bounty, hacking, cybersecurity08-Dec-2023
Blind XSS on Registration System, bug-bounty, cybersecurity08-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch: kumar.Gappsec, computer-science, bug-bounty07-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch for beginners: kumar.Gcybersecurity, appsec, computer-science, bug-bounty, linux07-Dec-2023
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Bug bounty training from scratch(part1->lesson9): kumar.Gappsec, computer-science, bug-bounty07-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch(part1-> lesson8): kumar.Gbug-bounty, appsec, computer-science07-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch(part1->lesson7): kumar.Gappsec, computer-science, bug-bounty07-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch (part1->lesson6): kumar.Gcomputer-science, bug-bounty, appsec07-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch(part1->lesson5): kumar.Gappsec, computer-science, bug-bounty07-Dec-2023
Bug bounty training from scratch (part1->lesson4): kumar.Gappsec, computer-science, bug-bounty07-Dec-2023
Using reNgine with module, reconnaissance, information-security, cybersecurity, bug-bounty07-Dec-2023
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Enhancing Bug Bounty Hunting with Lopseg OSINT, ctf, bug-bounty-writeup, bug-bounty-tips, hacking-tools07-Dec-2023
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Python Program to find GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) for Cryptography, hacking, crytocurrency, cryptography, bug-bounty06-Dec-2023
API Security — Web Security Academy SHANweb-security-academy, bug-bounty06-Dec-2023
Spool Unveils Comprehensive Bug Bounty Programme to Fortify DeFi Security, security, blockchain, defi, smart-contracts06-Dec-2023
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Admin Panel Access, bugs, bug-bounty-tips, ethical-hacking, pentesting05-Dec-2023
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Top 25 Advanced Google Dorks for OSINT and Bug Bounty Hunting, osint, cybersecurity, google-dorks-list, hacking02-Dec-2023
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Subdomain Enumeration Techniques, bug-bounty, recon, subdomains-enumeration, subdomain30-Nov-2023
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Network Managed Detection and Response (NMDR): Strengthening Cybersecurity Defenses, managed-detection, bug-bounty, nmdr, cybersecurity30-Nov-2023
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF), vulnerability, bug-bounty, ssrf-bug, bug-bounty-tips30-Nov-2023
Ödeme sayfasında Business Logic Yiğitbugbounty-writeup, ödülavcılığı, bug-bounty30-Nov-2023
Remote Code Execution (RCE), bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, rce, vulnerability30-Nov-2023
Insecure Direct Object Reference(IDOR), idor, bugs, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips30-Nov-2023
Simple Recon Di Android Menggunakan Tools TheTimeMachine dan Dirsearch Alfin Hidayatullahbug-bounty, bug-bounty-tips, recon, scanning30-Nov-2023
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Cybersecurity Risk of Opening Up to the Internet, bug-bounty, programming, hacking, internet-of-things29-Nov-2023
OSINT: How to find information on anyone Pbug-bounty, infosec, cybersecurity, osint, osint-tool29-Nov-2023
Mastering API Penetration Testing: A Comprehensive Guide for Security Pentesters, bug-bounty, pentesting, cybersecurity, api29-Nov-2023
Useful tools for bug hunter, bug-hunting, bug-bounty, hacker, bug-hunter29-Nov-2023
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PII Disclosure Worth $750, bugbounty-writeup, bug-bounty, bug-bounty-writeup, cybersecurity29-Nov-2023 Web3 Bug Bounty Platform's Notessmart-contract-security, bug-bounty-tips, bug-bounty, hacking, web329-Nov-2023
CRLF to XSS Mahmouedsnapchat, bug-bounty-tips, hacker, bug-bounty29-Nov-2023
Aztec Multiple-Spend Error Bugfix Review Editorcryptocurrency, security, bug-bounty, web3, multiple-spend-error29-Nov-2023
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