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As passionate writers and open-source contributors in the field of cybersecurity, we are eager to share our experiences and knowledge with the community. We continue to learn and grow in this field, and we are excited to share our insights with others.

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Vulnerability Explain

Read on various computer security weaknesses, providing in-depth explanations and best practices for mitigation.


Secure Code Explain

Comprehensive information on security vulnerabilities in the code base, including their causes and remediation.


Security Terminologies

A comprehensive index of all terminologies associated with the domain of cybersecurity in simple words

Reading Material

We write in different types of domain, to sum up, all of our knowledge and contribute better

Web Application Security

Here you will learn how to work on web application security and API endpoint Security

Network Security Testing

Here you will learn how to work on Network security

Mobile Application Testing

Here you will learn how to work on Mobile application security

Cloud Configuration Review

Here you will learn how to work on Cloud Security

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