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Security assessments boost organization's safety by identifying weaknesses in the network.

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Web Application Security

Web Application security testing assess security through simulated attacks, finding and fixing vulnerabilities.

Web Service & API Security

Testing web service and API security aims to identify vulnerabilities and ensure protection against potential threats in these interfaces.

Mobile Application Security

Mobile app security testing identifies and addresses potential vulnerabilities and risks to enhance app protection against cyber threats.

Cloud Security Configuration Review

Cloud security configuration review assesses cloud resources for security risks and ensures compliance with best practices.

Security Testing process

Comprehensive Security testing Approch

Prior to conducting an application assessment, SecurityCipher establishes a well-defined scope with the client. This involves encouraging open communication between SecurityCipher and the client organization to create a comfortable foundation for the assessment process.

SecurityCipher engineers gather extensive information about the target, utilizing a wide range of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools and techniques. This compiled data helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s operational landscape, enabling us to accurately assess the risk throughout the entire engagement process.

During this phase, we commence comprehensive security measures by conducting both manual and automated security scans to identify any potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities. Subsequently, we execute controlled exploits on the application to thoroughly assess its security posture. Employing a variety of techniques, including open-source scripts and proprietary in-house tools, we aim to achieve a thorough penetration testing process while ensuring the utmost caution is taken to safeguard your application and its sensitive information.

This marks the concluding phase of the entire assessment process. During this stage, the SecurityCipher analysts consolidate all the gathered information and furnish the client with a comprehensive and detailed account of our discoveries. The complete report will encompass a top-level analysis of all the risks, accentuating both the weaknesses and strengths inherent in the application.

Upon completion of the process, our team will engage in a thorough examination of the report to identify and address the identified bugs. Subsequently, we will conduct an extensive discussion to effectively resolve these vulnerabilities. Rest assured, we will verify the proper implementation of all changes and ensure that every vulnerability has been successfully rectified. The team will then furnish a detailed closure or remediation report, showcasing the enhanced security state of the application.

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The duration of a pentest performed by an ethical hacker depends on the test's scope, which encompasses factors like network size, internal or external facing nature, presence of physical penetration testing, and the sharing of network information and user credentials with SecurityCipher before the engagement.

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I’m Piyush Kumawat, a Product Security Engineer and Freelancer

Product Security Engineer with a background in penetration testing. I have tested over 300+ applications across various domains, including web, mobile, and API. I have well-versed experience in in threat modeling and has expertise in configuring devsecops security tools and done a security review on differetn cloud platforms like Azure , AWS, GCP, and alobab cloud.

I am passionate about ensuring the security of products and is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques.

Name: Piyush Kumawat


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From: Rajasthan, India

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