🔍 gowitness

A golang, web screenshot utility using Chrome Headless.

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gowitness is a website screenshot utility written in Golang, that uses Chrome Headless to generate screenshots of web interfaces using the command line, with a handy report viewer to process results. Both Linux and macOS is supported, with Windows support mostly working.

Inspiration for gowitness comes from Eyewitness. If you are looking for something with lots of extra features, be sure to check it out along with these other projects.


For installation information and other documentation, please refer to the wiki here.




gowitness would not have been possible without some of these amazing projects: chromedp, tabler, zerolog, cobra, gorm, go-nmap, wappalyzergo, goimagehash


gowitness is licensed under a GNU General Public v3 License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://sensepost.com/contact/.