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Search Engines for Hackers

Here is a list of search engines that can be used by  Security Researchers.

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ShodanSearch for devices connected to the internet
WayBackMachineView content from deleted websites or take a deep dive into the history of the web
URL ScanFree service to scan and analyse websites
NetlasSearch and monitor internet connected assets
GreyNoiseSearch for devices connected to the internet
VirusTotalAnalyse suspicious files, domains, IPs, and URLs to detect malware
WigleDatabase of wireless networks, with statistics
VulnersSearch for vulnerabilities in a large database
Subdomain FinderA subdomain finder is a tool used to find the subdomains of a given domain.
ONYPHECollects cyber-threat intelligence data
FullHuntSearch and discovery attack surfaces
GrepAppSearch across a half million git repos
GreyHatWarfareSearch public S3 buckets
AlienVaultOpen Threat Intelligence Community
TinEyeReverse Image Search
CRT shSearch for certs that have been logged by CT
BinaryEdgeScans the internet for threat intelliegence
OSINT FrameworkOSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Framework website, some links don’t work anymore but it’s still a good website
LeakIXSearch publicly indexed information
Hunter.ioSearch for email addresses belonging to a website
IntelligenceXSearch Tor, I2P, Data Leaks, Domains and Emails
DNSDumpsterDNS Recon & Research, Find & Lookup DNS Records
ZoomEyeZoomeye uses maps to collect data and analyze fingerprints from open devices and web services.
DorkSearchYou can use DorkSearch to find prebuilt templates for different types of Google Dorks.
DehashedView leaked credentials 0day exploits
SecurityTrailsExtensive DNS data
PolySwarmScan files and URLs for threats
Criminal IPSearch for the information connected to the public internet
PublicWWWMarketing and affiliate marketing research
Phonebook.czPhonebook lists all domains, email addresses, or URLs for the given input domain
CensysAssessing attack surface for internet connected devices
FofaSearch for various threat intelligence
PulseDiveSearch for threat intelligence
CVEThe CVE website was created to identify, define, and catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities
ThreatcopsSINT (Open Source Intelligence) website, a good website for the osint base research it made special for the cops (Police) uses
SeachCodeA search engine that indexes and searches source code and documentation is searchcode.
ExploitDBArchive of Various Exploits
FotoForensicswe can do the live image forensic online
Packet Storm SecurityBrowse the latest vulnerabilities and exploits



Search Engines used by Hackers
Search Engines used by Hackers


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