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Dashboard Tab – Guide for Burp Suite

This article is a part of the Guide for Burp Suite series. Within the previous article, we see how to create a project in Burp Suite. Now we’ll move forward and learn about some of the features of the Dashboard tab which is present in Burp Suite.
Burp Suite has come with a new Dashboard tab. This lets you monitor and control the automated activity in one place. This tab comes with different windows like Tasks, Event log, Issue activity, and issue definition.

Dashboard features

  • You can directly configure and launch a new scan for the target by clicking the “New scan” button.
  • You can directly configure and launch live scanning by clicking the “New live task” button.
  • You can Pause/Resume or monitor already running tasks.
  • You can reorder running tasks by dragging them within the task list.
  • You can configure settings for how tasks are managed and executed, by clicking the gear icon “⚙” at the top of the Tasks panel.
  • You can view the issue activity from any audit tasks that are running, to see vulnerabilities being reported in real-time.
  • You can view the event log to monitor for alerts or other information. This can be useful to troubleshoot any problems that occurred during the scanning.

Congratulation! finally, you know about the Dashboard tab which is present in the Burp Suite. In the next Part, we will discuss the Target tab.
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    Dashboards are an effective way to present large volumes of data, in a complex, user friendly manner. They can be a great tool for businesses, but only if they are designed and used correctly.

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